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XRY, XAMN and XEC applications are available to download via our Customer Portal

Product Sheets

What is XRY1.5 MB
Android Exploit Dongle1.0 MB
MSAB Office452.2 KB
MSAB Field1.0 MB
MSAB Kiosk414.4 KB
MSAB Tablet516.6 KB
XRY Logical501.7 KB
XRY Physical3.6 MB
XRY Cloud740.2 KB
XRY PinPoint899.7 KB
XRY Camera252.1 KB
XAMN Viewer1.2 MB
XAMN Spotlight1.6 MB
XAMN Horizon883.1 KB
XEC Director903.5 KB
XEC Export1.0 MB
IVe Vechicle System Forensics591.4 KB

Company Information

XRY The first choice for digital evidence extraction807.7 KB
MSAB Ecosystem1.8 MB

MSAB Software

XAMN Viewer (Spotlight)188.2 MB
XRY Viewer 7.312.4 MB
XRY Reader v6.2023.4 MB