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What is XRY Logical?

XRY Logical is the quickest extraction method because it enables you to access and recover live and file system data from the device right on the crime scene. It extracts data from digital devices by communicating with the operating system of the device. The service is automated but is the equivalent of manually examining each screen on the device and recording what is displayed. With the proprietary XRY file format, the data and the integrity of your evidence is kept safe from extraction all the way to court and conviction.
XRY Logical is our entry-level solution for forensic investigators and the starting point for our license options.

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XRY license includes

Free cables. Free software updates. Free technical support.

Extended warranty available on all equipment manufactured by MSAB provided the XRY license is maintained.

Give your investigations the best chance of success

Product highlights

  • XRY Photon for app data acquisition
  • SIM Card Reading
  • Triage Profiles
  • Fast Recovery of Live Mobile Data
  • Mobile Device Logical Examinations


  • Windows Based Software Solution
  • Unique Help File for Every Device
  • Secure File Format
  • Hash Algorithms
  • Easy Data Extraction and Reporting


  • CD/DVD/Blu-ray Burning Wizard
  • Clone SIM Cards
  • Clean Registry
  • Convert Old XRY Files
  • License Updates
  • Download Updates

Now includes XRY Photon for acquiring app data

As security protocols have improved, examiners have been forced to use time-consuming manual processes to capture and review encrypted app data. Now there’s a time-saving new option: XRY Photon.
XRY Photon is like an automated version of manual app examination for Android devices, with the added benefit of storing the documented data in a searchable way, which enables text search, filtering and other types of analysis.

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Get the most out of XRY Logical

A fast, efficient and secure method to extract mobile phone data

Product Sheet

With XRY Logical, easily extract live data from mobile phones in a fast and secure way.

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Training Courses

Get an ideal introduction to mobile forensics by taking the XRY Certification course to update your skills and knowledge.

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MSAB Platforms

Combine our powerful XRY software with our hardware platforms to meet the growing needs of your organization.

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Locked out of a phone in a critical case?

MSAB offers two options for examiners and investigators to unlock the most challenging mobile phones and help you get the previously unattainable intelligence and digital evidence you need to solve the most critical cases.

Now there is an option for investigators and examiners that need access to the most challenging mobile phones in critical cases — MSAB Access Services.

With Access Services, MSAB digital forensic experts use advanced forensically sound techniques to recover and decrypt the data from even the most challenging mobile phones to help you get to the previously unattainable intelligence and digital evidence you need to solve cases.

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