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The complete digital forensics service to meet your needs

The products and services provided by MSAB constitute a complete ecosystem forming the foundation of a world class mobile forensics capability. Optimizing your business processes is just as important as the technology you use.

MSAB helps the world’s leading law enforcement organizations to leverage the full potential of mobile forensics. We assist them with everything from discovering their opportunities and defining their strategy, to setting up and optimizing their capability for mobile forensics.

What We Offer

  1. Global best practice throughout every step of the custody chain
  2. Address the needs of all stakeholders, from in the field to in court
  3. Blueprint for operations; strategy, skills, & tools
  4. World Class Education program for all users
  5. Best technical support in the industry

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MSAB Advanced Access Services

Unlock the most challenging mobile phones

Need to solve a challenging case? Can’t get into a mobile device?

With Access Services, MSAB digital forensic experts use advanced forensically sound techniques to recover and decrypt the data from even the most challenging mobile phones to help you get to the previously unattainable intelligence and digital evidence you need to solve cases.
MSAB Access Services are delivered in one of our secure MSAB forensic facilities using forensically sound techniques and with written documentation of every step. In selected special cases, service may be able to take place on site at a customer facility. Customers using MSAB Access Services will receive an XRY file containing all recovered data, alongside return of the device for safe custody.
The MSAB Access Services has a proven track record of success in a number of critical investigations and cases.

Example of supported models:

Samsung A10-A50 – Samsung Galaxy S7/8/9/10/20 devices – LG Qualcomm – Samsung Qualcomm – Motorola Qualcomm – Xiaomi Qualcomm – Huawei and Other Android phones

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Achieve your digital forensics goals and elevate your operations to a higher level

MSAB can assist you in reaching your business objectives by identifying user demands and employing customer-focused feasibility studies.

Taking into consideration that most organizations are overwhelmed by the ever-increasing data volumes and backlog of digital investigations, it is key that your processes are scalable. By reducing backlog and turnaround time, you can dedicate your primary energies to your core business activities. With a documented, consistent process in place, you will have a framework at hand to manage people, processes and technology effectively.
Leverage our mobile forensics experience and insights to allow your organization to take digital forensics to a higher level of operational delivery.

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Get the most out of your digital forensics investments

With the strategic framework in place, we are partners in helping you implement the configured solution aligned in accordance with your priorities, budget and specifications. We assist customers with the full suite – installation, configuration and digital forensics solution architecture.

The implementation approach is based on a proven solution methodology that has been iterated in close collaboration with our existing customers. Together with a designated project manager, the delivered project work and milestones will be aligned according to your project schedule.
This partnership will help you get up and running faster, leaving room for continuous fine-tuning of your processes. The end-game is ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Find out how to get the most out of your investment.

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