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Find critical evidence and intelligence faster and more effectively. XAMN: The perfect digital forensics tool to effectively analyze data for use in a judicial setting.


Analyze more data effectively and faster for use in a judicial setting.

One of the challenges law enforcement investigators face today is the sheer volume of data they have to search, filter and analyze.

Whether your mission is to gather and report intelligence, prevent crime or quickly produce solid evidence – the powerful and intuitive digital forensics tools in XAMN will enable the fastest possible route from having raw data to finding and reporting vital insights.

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What’s new in XAMN

XAMN combines ease of use with powerful searching capabilities and unparalleled efficiency. New in 7.3: Improved filters panel, new detailed audit logging function, new Report Builder blocks and more.

Five reasons to choose XAMN over other mobile forensic tools

  • Analyze and parse hundreds of gigabytes of data faster and more effectively.
  • Focus your investigation on people of interest and build a complete profile using all possible available identifiers.
  • Load your extraction in seconds, not hours, using a secure, pre-indexed file format.
  • Take in data from dozens of different digital and analog sources, including social media channels, call data records and vehicle data.
  • Export a full investigation into standard digital forensic report formats to adhere to standards, and into other file formats for easy sharing.

Australian Police: XAMN helped solve armed robbery

Veteran Australian police investigator Jeremy Byers had only six weeks to prepare the complex digital evidence for a trial.

The use of XAMN was central to solving an armed robbery case and winning a conviction. I was able to quickly cross-correlate data from multiple data sets, find important data using filters to find images taken on or around the offence date by mobile phones used by suspects and other relevant associates.

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Swiftly search and conduct in-depth mobile data analysis to secure a conviction in a judicial setting.


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Analyze mobile data effectively and find critical evidence fast with cost-effective training.

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XAMN Viewer

Free-to-use analysis tool for your entire organization

XAMN Viewer is a simplified analysis tool that is free to download and use. It can be distributed to anyone in your organization that needs to view, analyze and/or report on mobile device data. Read more about XAMN Viewer, our powerful mobile forensic data analysis tool.

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XAMN Spotlight

The next level of mobile forensics for faster data analysis

XAMN Spotlight is designed with one goal in mind: To increase analytical efficiency – enabling you to successfully get through massive amounts of data faster. Read more about XAMN Spotlight, your choice for digital evidence analysis.

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XAMN Elements

The fastest route from undecoded mobile data to solid evidence

XAMN Elements is the advanced hex carving tool for experts, designed to help you dig deeply into undecoded data to find the critical pieces of evidence your investigations need.
Read more about XAMN Elements, your choice for finding missing digital forensic evidence.

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XAMN Horizon

Visualize extracted forensic data in new, useful ways

XAMN Horizon builds on XAMN Spotlight providing you with an immediate overview of the connections between different people of interest that may be relevant to your investigation.
Read more about XAMN Horizon, the best forensic analysis software to visualize recovered data.

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A powerful tool for investigators and analysts

Imagine a scenario where you are using a mobile forensic tool to generate a report for presentation in court only to discover that the court has not accepted your evidence. Analyze data effectively for use in a judicial setting with XAMN.

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XAMN is a very effective and easy to use tool, which has a lot of functionality. It is extremely useful to be able to filter through large quantities of data in such a precise way.

Jade James BSc
– A Cyber Security and Forensics Postgraduate Student

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