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Obtain new skills and advance your professional credentials with the best digital training in the industry, now available globally.


Exceptional Digital Forensics Training

Collecting and preserving digital evidence can pose many challenges, but with the right technology and training investigators can obtain evidence from any device.

As a digital forensic investigator – are you confident that you have found all the available evidence? Are you prepared to defend your findings and explain your process?

Whether you are a new or experienced mobile forensics practitioner or a new manager in the field, training is absolutely essential. And MSAB believes that ongoing mobile forensic training will accelerate your career and keep your skills sharp and up-to-date.

When you complete our courses, you will earn an industry recognized certificate attesting to your ability to meet the requirements of a modern digital forensic examiner or qualified investigator.

We also offer you a simplified training pathway which provides unique certifications along the way, culminating in obtaining the designation: MSAB Certified Forensic Professional.

Our qualified full-time trainers have backgrounds in law enforcement and real world hands-on experience.

MSAB offers a full range of digital forensics training courses and different ways to learn.

A key element to successfully recover and analyze large volumes of data in digital forensics investigations is to understand how to access, process and contextualize the data, find the evidence it contains and then produce a comprehensive report.

Extraction courses

These courses focus on forensic data extraction using our XRY products.

  • English, German
  • 3 days

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  • Advanced Acquisition (AA)
  • German
  • 5 days

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Analysis courses

  • English, German
  • 2 days

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On-Demand-Training (ODT)

MSAB also offers a range of courses available at any time through online training.

The digital forensics learning pathways

Obtaining Certification is the only way to ensure full awareness and understanding of all the features and complexities of the mobile forensic solutions offered by MSAB.

We offer two training pathways; the Examiner pathway and the Analyst pathway. Each pathway provides users with unique certifications along the way, culminating in the final achievement: obtaining the designation “MSAB Certified Forensic Professional”.

To earn each of these certifications, individuals must complete a pathway of hands-on courses, then pass examinations at the conclusion of each course. For the highest level title – MSAB Certified Mobile Forensic Professional – individuals must also pass a practical examination and a broad knowledge-based written examination.

Flexible learning options for training in mobile forensics

Can’t decide what are the right courses for your team members?
Here are mobile forensics purchase options for maximum flexibility.

MSAB Training Credits

If you are unsure of what class you want or need to take, simply purchase prepaid credits for use with MSAB training courses. They are valid for one year and apply to the course of your choice. Using Training credits gives you maximum flexibility for your course selection and you are not locked into any single class. The training credits balance can be applied to all training courses offered by MSAB, at any time, for anyone in your organization.

MSAB Training Passport

The Training Passport lets you save money and simplify your budget process by purchasing a whole year’s worth of training for one person at a discounted flat rate. This gives your team the choice of any MSAB course, anywhere, anytime. With a broad selection of courses available globally, getting the training you need has never been easier. This is the simplest and most cost-effective way to achieve continuing education in mobile forensics.

  • The training was excellent. I am using XRY/XAMN in a much more productive way. Now that I’ve received formal training with the tool, I can also see its value when examining devices. It’s always been a valuable extraction tool; now it’s also a valuable examination tool.”

    One of the students in Jerry’s Cert/Int course in San Jose

  • Great course that makes you want to do more of this. Great instructor that moves at a good pace and doesn’t ever seem to be rushed or stressed even when some are having a hard time keeping up.”

    Advanced App Analysis course feedback

  • Really good course. Trainer is competent and has a lot of knowledge that he is willing to share, which he does in a friendly and easy way.”

    Advanced App Analysis course feedback

  • Well-pitched delivery for novice as well as more experienced students. Workbooks are very useful for future reference when in the field”

    XRY Certification Feedback

  • I’ve been to a million courses over the years, but this is the first time I was excited to come every single day (for a week). Very well done & presented – excellent information and practice”

    XRY Certification & Intermediate Course feedback


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