Mobile forensics solutions for border control

Recover more mobile data from seized phones, confirm identities and detect threats

In many cases, accessing and screening data on mobile phones is the most accurate and effective method for confirming someone’s identity and detecting threats in border control operations. The contents of mobile phones can tell you within minutes where someone has been, what languages and dialects they speak, who they have been in contact with and more.

As migration flows continue to pressure countries and border authorities, MSAB continues to develop and provide automated and AI-supported analysis solutions that enable officials to maintain control, order and security across countries and regions.

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MSAB – Your Trusted Partner in Mobile Forensics

MSAB takes responsibility for supporting our customers with the best possible solutions for mobile forensics. This means that we also need to stay ahead of the game; with our products and services, with our vision and energy, with our people and how we do things. We are the pioneers of our industry.

Rapid access to digital evidence and Intel

Need a solution for on-the-spot access to digital evidence?

This is where Raven comes into its own. A mobile device triage toolset in a portable package designed for operators in the field who need to speedily recover data from mobile devices allowing them to make quick, informed decisions. Raven is the powerful technology that allows for immediate digital evidence acquisition and analysis at street level.

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Empowering organizations with mobile forensics solutions

Man extracting data from a cell phone using XRY


Recover more data faster and easier with XRY. Extract and decode more digital forensic data from today’s mobile devices in less time and with full integrity, ensuring it can stand up in court.

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Find critical evidence and intelligence with XAMN. Search, filter, review, visualize and analyze hundreds of gigabytes of mobile data effectively for use in a judicial setting.

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Gain control and speed up your operations with XEC. Manage mobile forensics, improve the performance of your team, instantly update forensic software, monitor and report on operations.

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The rise of cloud computing and why you need to take it seriously

Faster, safer and more efficient, Cloud services offer great new opportunities for mobile forensics. However, few businesses, government agencies and legal authorities with the need to analyze huge amounts of data have yet to take the step to cloud computing. In this guide, we will outline the benefits of cloud computing and how it will impact the mobile forensics industry. We will also look at what future opportunities will arise once 5G becomes standard.

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I was a Police Sergeant with the Met Police, deployed in Counter Terrorism Intelligence gathering. With the implementation of the Ecosystem, we reduced the time taken to get data from download to central analysis from 4 weeks to a few hours, we improved the security of this data in transit and we saved CT Policing approximately £80K over 3 years.

Simon Crawley – Senior consultant for MSAB – Formerly with the Metropolitan (London) Police

Make effective, fast, accurate decisions regarding traveler identities using mobile device data.

Our digital forensics software using mobile device data reduces manual labor and speeds up processing.  We highlight discrepancies, anomalies and potential security risks – with accuracy far superior to using paper documents for identification.

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