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Speed up your digital forensic investigations and close cases faster

MSAB understands the tough challenges facing forensic specialists. The need to bypass locks and acquire passcodes, to extract, decrypt and decode the digital evidence and intelligence on mobile devices and apps – quickly, completely and in a forensically sound way – is critical.

With our mobile forensics solution, digital forensics investigators and specialists can get the most relevant data from more devices and analyze it faster than ever. Even if the device is locked. Even if the artifacts have been deleted.

With XRY, our mobile forensics and data recovery solution, you will be able to do fast, easy, comprehensive extraction and decoding of data from both iOS and Android devices. XRY is used and trusted by more than 4,000 customer organizations in over 140 countries.

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Five reasons to choose XRY over other mobile forensic software

  • Get the most relevant forensic data from over 39,300 mobile devices and app profiles.
  • Secure your chain of evidence in a forensically sound file format with a complete audit log.
  • Acquire Android app data when other tools can’t, with XRY Photon.
  • Recover and decode Warrant Returns, Cloud Data and iCloud Backups.
  • Simultaneously extract and decode data from three phones at a time with a single license.

Rapid access to digital evidence and Intel

Need a solution for on-the-spot access to digital evidence?

This is where Raven comes into its own. A mobile device triage toolset in a portable package designed for operators in the field who need to speedily recover data from mobile devices allowing them to make quick, informed decisions. Raven is the powerful technology that allows for immediate digital evidence acquisition and analysis at street level.

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A compelling reason to choose our mobile forensic solutions: The XRY file format is forensically secure

XRY enables law enforcement agencies to demonstrate that they are taking all reasonable technological steps to mitigate the risks associated with holding personal data extracted via mobile phone recovery.

The XRY forensic file format has built-in protection and encryption, with a secure forensic file container designed to ensure a secure chain of custody of digital data. This will help avoid the risks associated with data stored in open file formats.

Need to solve a challenging case? Can’t get into a mobile device?

MSAB has your back. We offer two options for you to unlock the most challenging mobile phones and get the previously unattainable intelligence and digital evidence you need to solve the most critical cases.

Access Services

MSAB Access Services are delivered by MSAB leading industry forensic experts on a case by case, pay as you go basis – using forensically sound techniques and with written documentation of every step to ensure a complete forensic chain of custody.


XRY Pro is our most advanced tool, allowing you to access some of the most challenging and secure devices, as well as perform unlimited unlocks and extractions using state-of-the-art unique exploits from MSAB. XRY Pro is the perfect solution for experienced users who want to perform unlocks and extractions using their own equipment.

Mobile forensic training that’s second to none

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