Advanced Acquisition (AA)

Course description

The XRY Advanced Acquisition, or AA Chip-Off, the course focuses on new ways to secure data when mobile device forensic tools are not an option using advanced extraction methods on mobile devices utilizing JTAG and Chip-Off techniques.

Students receive applied soldering skills with a heavy focus on hands-on activities to provide students with the tactile feeling necessary to grasp the concept of memory chip removal from mobile devices and walk away with the necessary tools to perform these skills at their office. They also undergo extensive Android exploitation techniques to obtain otherwise unattainable data.

This course is designed for those looking to go beyond what their mobile forensic tools can do for them and who are striving to become the elite in their field.

Course objectives

Day one

  • XAMN Elements Overview
  • Hex Refresh
  • Other Extraction Methods
  • JTAG
  • Health & Safety
  • Soldering

Day two

  • Memory Chip Knowledge
  • Intro to eMMC
  • MMC Vs eMCP
  • UFS Memory
  • Chip Removal / De-Soldering
  • De-Soldering Practical

Day three

  • Endianness
  • Signed and Unsigned Integers
  • Importing Binaries
  • Partitions and File Systems
  • Encryption Schemes
  • Decrypt Encrypted Android

Day four

  • Android and ADB
  • ADB Commands
  • Rooting
  • DD & Nanddump
  • USB Disabled & Locked Devices
  • Swipe Pattern Password Decoding

Day five

  • Flashing Custom Recovery
  • Removing Passcodes
  • Restoring Firmware
  • Importing Into XRY


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