Physical recovery of data from mobile devices

What is XRY Physical?

XRY Physical is the next level license for the physical recovery of data from mobile devices. It lets examiners bypass the operating system to dump all the raw data from the device. This memory dump gives you access to system, protected and deleted data, and also allows you to overcome security and encryption challenges on locked devices. Using XAMN Spotlight, you can see the hex code quickly and by activating source mode, you can verify the original raw data.

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XRY License includes

Free cables. Free software updates. Free technical support.

Extended warranty available on all equipment manufactured by MSAB provided the XRY license is maintained.

Give your investigations the best chance of success

  • Mobile Device Physical Examinations
  • Bypass or Recovery of Passcodes
  • Reconstructed and Deleted Data
  • Device Dump and Binary Importing
  • Smartphone App Support
  • Windows Based Software Solution
  • Unique Help File for Every Device
  • Easy Data Extraction
  • HEX Analysis of Data
  • Hash Algorithms
  • CD/DVD/Blu-ray Burning Wizard
  • Clone SIM Cards
  • Clean Registry
  • Convert Old XRY Files
  • License Updates
  • Download Updates

A compelling reason to choose our mobile forensic solutions: The XRY file format is forensically secure

Unlike some mobile forensic tools which were originally designed for other purposes, XRY was designed from its inception to be forensically secure.  The XRY file format keeps evidence secure and accounted for at all times, with a full forensic audit trail and protection of the evidence from initial extraction through analysis to reporting and to presentation in court or in other administrative processes.

Learn more about the critical success factors in mobile forensics.

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Locked out of a phone in a critical case?

MSAB offers two options for examiners and investigators to unlock the most challenging mobile phones and help you get the previously unattainable intelligence and digital evidence you need to solve the most critical cases.

Access Services

MSAB Access Services are delivered by MSAB leading industry forensic experts on a case by case, pay as you go basis – using forensically sound techniques and with written documentation of every step to ensure a complete forensic chain of custody.

Advanced Acquisition Lab

MSAB Advanced Acquisition Lab is an ongoing digital forensics service available onsite for advanced extraction and decryption. The service is ideally suited to existing customers who regularly encounter challenging devices.

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