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Collaborative teams give noticeably better outcomes

Tackling the challenges of leadership can be difficult. Conducting forensic investigations demands both standardized and formalized processes to comply with legal, professional and ethical requirements.

Having the right tools to lead a collaborative team can mitigate risks associated with the investigative process and empower frontline personnel to speed up both process and operations.

To achieve that, you need to have consistent processes when using mobile forensic tools in multiple locations to optimize your team performance, speed up access to reports and ensure the integrity of the digital evidence.

No digital forensic management tool does that better today than XEC.

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Five reasons to choose XEC over other digital forensic tools

  • Enable the seamless distribution of data between users, locations, departments and other agencies
  • Ensure the integrity and proper management of your digital evidence
  • Optimize your team performance, track key goals and generate the reports you need
  • Easily provide remote assistance and update the mobile forensic software on all your computers from a central control point
  • Speed up your access to reports and reduce administrative overhead costs

Develop your team’s skills with essential training

A key part of your role as a leader is to search out and encourage the growth potential in your team members. MSAB can help you with flexible learning options for training in mobile forensics. This will allow your team members to attend training courses as and when they need.

MSAB Training Credits

If you are unsure of what class you want or need to take, simply purchase prepaid credits for use with MSAB training courses. They are valid for one year and apply to the course of your choice. Using Training credits gives you maximum flexibility for your course selection and you are not locked into any single class. The training credits balance can be applied to all training courses offered by MSAB, at any time, for anyone in your organization.

MSAB Training Passport

The Training Passport lets you save money and simplify your budget process by purchasing a whole year’s worth of training for one person at a discounted flat rate. This gives your team the choice of any MSAB course, anywhere, anytime. With a broad selection of courses available globally, getting the training you need has never been easier. This is the simplest and most cost-effective way to achieve continuing education in mobile forensics.

I’ve been to a million courses over the years, but this is the first time I was excited to come every single day (for a week). Very well done and presented – excellent information and practice.

XRY Certification & Intermediate Course feedback

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