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Extract and decode forensic data faster and more efficiently than ever, both at the frontline level and in the lab.

Get access to unprecedented Extraction and Decoding Capabilities with XRYThe Ultimate Tool for Digital Investigations

An overwhelming majority of reported crime now has a digital element. So, fast, efficient, and secure data extraction is at the forefront of challenges for law enforcement and investigators.   

With XRY, the leading data recovery software from MSAB, digital investigators can recover data in an efficient and lawful manner. The quality and speed of your extractions can make the difference between a crime getting solved and a perpetrator going free. That’s why you need to partner up with the best in the business.

Whether your mission is to swiftly collect data right at the crime scene or you ought to extract and decode data from a more challenging device in a Digital Forensic Unit – XRY, the powerful data recovery software from MSAB, will enable you to retrieve evidence in a fast, secure, and lawful manner.

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The DFIR Efficiency Playbook: Streamlining Investigations with More Productive Labs

In this e-book, we will put the spotlight on some of the ways MSAB can help increase the efficiency of digital forensic experts and empower them to do what they do best: make the world a safer place, one complex investigation at a time.

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How to Extract More Phones Faster

Five Steps to Increase the Efficiency of Your Organization

Law enforcement agencies face a growing challenge in dealing with the increasing amount of digital evidence related to criminal cases. Digital forensic units are often overwhelmed with work due to the sheer volume of data. It is essential to free up their time and resources to ensure the success of all your investigations. Download our guide and discover how to optimize your team’s performance.

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Unique Exploits and Solutions in XRY & XRY Pro

Join our webinar for a closer look at MSAB’s powerful data recovery tool, XRY. Our outstanding experts will present and demonstrate the innovative features that set XRY apart and make it a must-have tool for law enforcement agencies and organizations.

When you have a mountain of data to extract, what you want is astonishing speed, cutting-edge exploits, and excellent performance. XRY has it all.

Learn how to successfully navigate XRY and XRY Pro in order to augment all your future investigations.


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How a Canadian police force solved a CSAM case and brought a perpetrator to justice by tapping into the power of XRY

Picture this: a team of police officers seized a device from a suspect in a CSAM investigation, but try as they might, they couldn’t extract any information from it. Enter MSAB XRY, the tool that turns the tide in the case. With its help, the DFU gains access to critical information that helps them solve the case and bring justice to the victims. 

Only you don’t have to picture it. This is a real-life case from one of the largest law enforcement agencies in Canada. Find out more about how XRY made all the difference in a tough and sensitive CSAM investigation. 

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