XRY Certification

Course description

XRY Certification is the quintessential course when it comes to data extraction in mobile device forensics. Whether a novice in the field or a seasoned professional, students walk away with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle mobile device forensics using XRY.

This three-day course introduces you to industry standards and best practices when it comes to the identification, collection, and preservation of digital evidence. You will be guided through all facets of XRY from setup to extraction. You will leave confident in your ability to effectively collect data from various mobile devices as well as cloud data and data acquired from other sources.

Book now to get certified in today’s fastest and most comprehensive mobile device extraction tool and get started on your path to becoming an MSAB Certified Forensic Professional.

Course objectives

Day one

  • XRY Introduction
  • Devices & Digital Evidence
  • SIM Card Extractions
  • Feature Phones
  • Common Challenges
  • Memory Cards
  • Process Options

Day two

  • Smartphone Introduction
  • Androids
  • XRY Photon
  • iDevices
  • Smartphone Profiles
  • Smartphone Alternatives
  • Location Data

Day three

  • Chipsets
  • Importing
  • XRY Cloud
  • Log File Analysis
  • Reporting & Exporting
  • Assessment


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