Digital forensics key to preserving the victims right to privacy

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The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) faced a complex case where child sexual abuse was suspected. However, they faced a serious challenge in finding the right mobile forensics tool that would only collect strictly relevant data without examining the entire contents of the victims phones to preserve their personal integrity.

“I believe a balance can be found between protecting the public, and protecting the public’s right to privacy, by using the right tools to recover the necessary digital evidence without compromising extraneous private data. MSAB provided us with a solution for selective data extraction that worked” said a County Sheriff’s Office Senior Detective.

We invite you to read this true story to learn more of how the senior detective at ICAC caught the perpetrator while preserving the victims privacy.










The only solution to selecting the digital evidence you need

We at MSAB are passionate about helping our customers acquire data through digital forensics from more devices while emphasizing the right to privacy for victims and witnesses.

The MSAB mobile forensic extraction solution, XRY, has selective extraction capabilities that allow users to target data via time frame, data category, app or by individual file if required, to support data privacy for victims and witnesses

By using XRY law enforcement agencies will be able to show that they are taking all reasonable technological precautions to mitigate the risks associated with personal data intrusion via mobile phone extraction, allowing them to target extractions that only recover data from specified apps thus ensuring the rights to privacy for victim and witness phones.

With its advanced extraction technology XRY allows you to confidently select specific individual files or apps within a specific time span, thus focusing on the files, screenshots and data you actually need.

The key differentiator here is that the only data ever seen by law enforcement can be defined by the settings. If a user only wants data from a certain app from a certain time, it can easily be done with XRY. It is very important to make sure witnesses want to share data and that we minimize any intrusion and uphold data privacy regulations.

MSAB offers law enforcement agencies the only truly secure end to end mobile forensics solution on the market. We have constructed a complete eco-system solution for Mobile Phone Extractions (MPE) designed to keep extracted data as secure as possible. We also provide a range of options to ensure that users can perform proportional searches for data that takes into account data privacy responsibilities.

Our solutions are in a continual state of ongoing development, just as mobile device technology itself is constantly developing.

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