The Ecosystem of Mobile Forensics

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Combined together, all of our products, platforms and services form a complete ecosystem of mobile forensics that protects our customers throughout the evidence chain. No matter what type of user, location, mobile device or environment; we have a tool designed to suit that particular need. These solutions work together in harmony to ensure best practice workflows for all stakeholders; from the field to the lab, through to the court room and beyond.

Sources of mobile data

MSAB Ecosystem supports the most important source of mobile data.

Mobile devices


Motor vehicles


Internet of things

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Packaged solutions on open & turnkey platforms

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Extract digital forensic data from mobile devices

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Review, Visualize and Analyze mobile data

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Management tools for efficient processes

The .xry file format

The chain of custody defines the process of managing evidence; so that all times it can be accounted for. The MSAB Ecosystem provides that environment with the secure .xry file format which ensures a full forensic audit trail and protection of the evidence from extraction through to the final prosecution.

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