Mobile forensic solutions for frontline personnel

Rapid access to digital evidence and intel for all frontline personnel

Gaining access to critical information in the first hours of criminal investigations can dramatically reduce time to digital evidence.

MSAB understands the tough challenges facing frontline personnel. We help minimize delays by enabling first responders to acquire mobile device data fast, perform initial analysis and immediately pass extractions or key findings to investigators and others. This is achieved with easy-to-use tools, which minimize the need for training and assist with standards compliance.

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Raven – Bringing speed and efficiency to frontline practitioners

Need a solution for on-the-spot access to digital evidence?

This is where Raven comes into its own. A mobile device triage toolset in a portable package designed for operators in the field who need to speedily recover data from mobile devices allowing them to make quick, informed decisions. Raven is the powerful technology that allows for immediate digital evidence acquisition and analysis at street level.

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Why Raven?

  • It is designed to be extremely easy to use in the field with minimal training needs.
  • It allows law enforcement agencies to start the investigation immediately on scene and capture actionable insights as soon as possible.
  • No need for extra equipment. It works on any modern Android smartphone.
  • It allows officers to triage data on the street to make informed decisions without ever needing to seize and recover devices back to the nearest police station or forensic lab.
  • It brings significant cost and efficiency benefits in both capital equipment and training outlays.

The MSAB Kiosk: A powerful tool with faster extraction speeds

The MSAB Kiosk offers the proven power of XRY mobile forensic software through a turnkey touchscreen terminal that requires minimal training to use effectively.

The MSAB Kiosk has been instrumental in empowering  organizations worldwide to scale up their capabilities and decentralize their mobile forensic operations for increased efficiency, eliminating delays and device processing backlogs.

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Mobile forensic training that’s second to none

Learn leading-edge techniques, obtain new skills and advance your professional credentials with our training in mobile forensics.

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