Mobile forensics solutions for corrections agencies

Recover more mobile data from seized phones, confirm identities and detect threats

The rapid increase in the number of contraband cell phones and other devices smuggled into institutions are a major challenge for many prisons and correctional organizations today. All of these mobile devices contain critical evidence and intelligence needed by corrections officials to protect lives and maintain order.

But today, many correctional facilities send recovered mobile devices to a forensics lab which are overwhelmed and often geographically distant from the facilities, creating backlogs and processing delays.

Being able to quickly recover data from confiscated mobile phones means your investigators can access critical information regarding social networks between prisoners, illegal activities being conducted by prisoners, and threats to guards, inmates and witnesses, and will help keep your facilities safer.

MSAB understands the challenges facing correction agencies — and offers multiple capabilities to help you work faster.

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MSAB takes responsibility for supporting our customers with the best possible solutions for mobile forensics. This means that we also need to stay ahead of the game; with our products and services, with our vision and energy, with our people and how we do things. We are the pioneers of our industry.

Recover more data from more devices more securely and in less time

Our digital forensics software supports more than 30,000 different mobile device models and apps including mobile phones, vehicle information systems, IoT devices, GPSs and more.

Empowering organizations with mobile forensics solutions

Man extracting data from a cell phone using XRY


Recover more data faster and easier with XRY. Extract and decode more digital forensic data from today’s mobile devices in less time and with full integrity, ensuring it can stand up in court.

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Find critical evidence and intelligence with XAMN. Search, filter, review, visualize and analyze hundreds of gigabytes of mobile data effectively for use in a judicial setting.

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Gain control and speed up your operations with XEC. Manage mobile forensics, improve the performance of your team, instantly update forensic software, monitor and report on operations.

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Our new mobile forensic system helps us to fulfill our mission daily… By extracting and analyzing more devices, the Tennessee Dept. of Correction Office of Investigation & Compliance (TDOC) can reduce violence and contraband introduction statewide in a more timely fashion.

Korey Cooper, Director, Office of Investigations & Compliance, Tennessee DOC