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The Ecosystem of mobile forensics is designed as a complete digital forensics solution to empower organizations, speed operations, conduct more efficient investigations and ensure the consistent quality of digital evidence.

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The Future of Integrated Forensics: Ecosystem Solutions for Digital Forensic Investigations

A mobile device is a goldmine of data. In an era where 98% of investigations and intelligence work rely on digital evidence it is often the most critical factor.  However, too often the power and potential of mobile forensics is not being realized.

Having the right mobile forensic tools in the right places can make a huge difference for law enforcement agencies. They can allow you to speed up investigations, eliminate device backlogs and increase efficiency.

The MSAB Ecosystem will give you what you need to empower your organization and dramatically improve your speed, efficiency and control — and save money as well.

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A compelling reason to choose our mobile forensic solutions: The XRY file format is forensically secure

XRY enables law enforcement agencies to demonstrate that they are taking all reasonable technological steps to mitigate the risks associated with holding personal data extracted via mobile phone recovery.

The XRY forensic file format has built-in protection and encryption, with a secure forensic file container designed to ensure a secure chain of custody of digital data. This will help avoid the risks associated with data stored in open file formats.

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