Recovery of data beyond the mobile device

What is XRY Cloud?

XRY Cloud recovers data beyond the mobile device itself from connected cloud based storage by using the tokens on mobile devices that enable apps to function without the need for users to re-enter their login details. This is particularly useful when looking for online social media data and app-based information for services such as Facebook, Google, iCloud, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and more.
You can use XRY Cloud both with the actual device in your possession and without. XRY Cloud is a separate component within the XRY software.

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Cloud Computing: What You Need to Know

Whilst mobile phones remain the most frequently used and most important digital source for law enforcement investigations, it is no longer the case that they are the end point for forensic investigators. It is not just what is physically stored on the device that is important but also the growing volumes of data stored in the Cloud. Accessing that data is increasingly vital.

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Reasons to choose XRY Cloud over other mobile forensic software

Recover more data

XRY Cloud enables authorized forensic examiners to recover more data beyond the device, from connected cloud storage solutions. XRY Cloud offers data access to services such as Facebook, Google, iCloud, Twitter and Snapchat. You can use the software as a standalone product or as part of a suite of tools within the wider MSAB Ecosystem.

Automatic mode

In automatic mode users will need physical possession of the phone. Based on app tokens that were recovered during a standard smartphone extraction with XRY, the user can then recover cloud data. Additionally, XRY Cloud will also show the authorized examiner recovered elements that can be used to locate data online.

External recovery

XRY Cloud allows investigators to recover cloud-based data without actual physical possession of the mobile device. Users will be able to select supported apps within XRY and attempt to recover data. All the cloud data can be combined into an XRY Case File to ensure all the data is stored in one place.

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