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9 April, 2024

XAMN 7.9: Automated language detection, revamped Column View & more

We are excited to announce that the new version of XAMN is…


9 April, 2024

XEC 7.9 and KTE: Improved Mobile Forensics Management & Frontline Functionality

We are happy to announce that the new version of XEC and…


13 February, 2024

Now released – XRY 10.8.1

The latest version of XRY – XRY 10.8.1 – is here and…


13 December, 2023

Now Available: XRY 10.8, XAMN 7.8 and XEC 7.8

Discover new features and upgrades to enhance your digital forensics toolkit  …


25 October, 2023

MSAB offers a new exploit for Snapdragon chipsets which covers over 124 devices

  Need to solve a challenging case involving Snapdragon chipsets?   Download…


5 October, 2023

Now Available: XRY 10.7, XAMN 7.7 and XEC 7.7

It’s here! The next chapter in DFIR excellence: remarkable upgrades and new…


25 August, 2023

MSAB offers computer forensics through Detego, find product sheet here

  The dynamic partnership between MSAB and Detego Global provides a comprehensive…


24 August, 2023

Now out – XRY 10.6.1

  We are delighted to introduce the latest version of XRY –…


29 June, 2023

New release: XRY 10.6, XAMN 7.6 and XEC 7.6

Industry leading UNISOC BFU support, simplified exclusion of expendable files, and more…

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