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What is XEC Director?

With evidence gathering from mobile phones becoming one of the key areas of law enforcement, your mobile forensic operations have never been more critical. But many mobile forensic organizations have become challenging to manage, having grown quickly over a short period of time. To make the most of your mobile forensic investment, you need to make sure you are in control of your systems and not the other way around.

XEC Director is that vital piece of the puzzle that lets you build, tailor and streamline a truly complete and effective mobile forensics system for your organization. It is a centralized management solution that lets you connect all your MSAB mobile forensic extraction tools into a single network. With XEC Director you can easily assign permissions, manage licenses, create management information reports and monitor your processes. And you can quickly send newly extracted device data from a field location to your lab or an analyst.

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  • Make the most of your mobile forensic investment

    Today, mobile forensic operations can be challenging to manage. The volume of data needing analysis is growing dramatically. Leaders often lack visibility into who’s doing what. Updates are hard to manage. Extraction tools are silos – not connected. Now, all that can be changed. XEC Director puts you in charge of a faster, more effective and much more flexible mobile forensics organization.

  • Sitting with XEC Director in one central location – there were huge savings to be made in time and efficiency. It saves so much time and is so simple to use that it is essential really.

    Simon Crawley, Global Project Manager at MSAB – Formerly with the Metropolitan (London) Police


An XEC Licence includes

Kiosk Remote Administration & Management Tool Setup Package applicable to all installations | Manage 10 Kiosks per license pack from a central domain for user configuration, workflow & data management, XRY Office Remote management | Support, Maintenance & Version Upgrades for 12 months

Product highlights

  • Network Management Control
  • Manage Use Efficiently
  • Centralized Logging of Activity
  • Management Information
  • Central Control of Users, Licenses and Updates
  • Lock Systems to Skill Levels of Users
  • Control and Audit of Available Systems
  • Remote Assistance to Users
  • Remote Administration for IT Depts


  • Control Workflow Sequences
  • Manage Root Directory for Extractions
  • Specify Extraction Profiles
  • Set Localized Time, Date, Language
  • Rules for Filename Creation


  • Users
  • Groups
  • Systems
  • Logs
  • Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Settings

Manage effectively, ensure compliance, and control your mobile forensic operations

Stay in charge of a faster, more effective and much more flexible mobile forensics organization. Contact us and ask for a quote or let us know if you are interested in evaluating one of our products.

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Reasons to choose XEC Director over other digital forensic software

  • Lead your teams from a central control point and review the logs for all devices in your system.
  • Detailed user control to see and manage all active users in your system remotely
  • Powerful reporting capabilities to make more informed decisions and allocate resources better.
  • Modern interface to enable you admin the system via network, using an intuitive and modern interface.
  • Remote assistance to enable you update software, manage licenses and select automatic update routines for entire systems from one place.
  • Automatic password updates to give you greater ease.

A valuable tool in Frontline Forensics management

As mobile forensic solutions grow in scale and complexity, it can be challenging to manage team collaboration and have consistent processes when using mobile forensic tools in multiple locations.

In this blog post we will cover how to manage your team from a single point, reduce administration costs and generate more detailed and insightful custom reports.


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System Requirements

System requirements

The requirements below are applicable for a smaller system with 5-10 clients. For larger system, we recommend that you contact MSAB Professional Services to get accurate system requirements.


XEC system requirements

Item Recommended Minimum
OS Windows Server 2022 Windows Server 2019
CPU 4 vCPU, Intel 2.1 GHz quad cores or more 2 vCPU, Intel 2.1 GHz quad cores or more
HDD 50 GB 25 GB
Network 1 Gbit/s


* Other file usage includes configuration files and software updates to be distributed to clients. The required size will depend on multiple factors, such as number of workflows, configurations, clients, software updates and more. Operating system requirements not included


SQL Database requirements

(added to XEC requirements if using the same server)

Item Recommended Minimum
Database Microsoft SQL Server 2022* Microsoft SQL Server Express 2017**
Reporting SQL Server Reporting Services 2022*** SQL Server Reporting Services 2017***
CPU 2 vCPU, x64 2.0 GHz or more 1 vCPU, x64 1.4 GHz or more
HDD 50 GB 10 GB
Network 1 Gbit/s


* Enterprise, Standard, or Developer version

** SQL Server Express has a limitation in 10GB storage and cannot be used for scheduled reports in XEC Director

*** The version of SQL Server must be the same as the version of SQL Server Reporting Services


Please note : The hardware requirements above are indicative and depends on several factors, like the number of connected client systems, their level of activity etc. The recommended requirements will not hold true for every environment but should rather be seen as a starting point that could be increased or decreased depending on server statistics.

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