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A shared goal for investigators and digital forensic analysts is to find critical evidence, insights, intel as quickly as possible and narrow the search to save time where vast amounts of data is stored on one or multiple mobile phones.

A key element to successfully analyzing large volumes of data in digital forensics and mobile forensics investigations is to understand how to process and contextualize the data, find the evidence it contains and then produce a comprehensive report. To do that, you need smart analytics – to search, filter, analyze and find the data quickly and at scale. To cross-examine data from multiple devices and individuals. Then to share with those who need to know.

No digital forensic analysis tool does that better today than XAMN.

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Five reasons to choose XAMN over other mobile forensic tools

  • Analyze and parse hundreds of gigabytes of data faster and more effectively.
  • Take in data from dozens of different digital and analog sources, including social media channels, call data records and vehicle data.
  • Configure and save your own customized searches.
  • Export a full investigation into standard digital forensic report formats to adhere to standards, and into other file formats for easy sharing.
  • Focus your investigation on people of interest and build a complete profile using all possible available identifiers.

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Swiftly search and conduct in-depth mobile data analysis to secure a conviction in a judicial setting.


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XAMN is a very effective and easy to use tool, which has a lot of functionality. It is extremely useful to be able to filter through large quantities of data in such a precise way

Jade James BSc – A Cyber Security and Forensics Postgraduate Student

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