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In Law Enforcement, agencies have indicated at least 80% of all cases involve digital evidence, and the volume of evidence per case is increasing.

With XAMN, the MSAB digital forensic analysis solution, digital investigators can uncover, review and share a wide range of digital evidence artifacts to help conduct investigations fast and with exceptional ease of use.

Whether your mission is to gather and report intelligence or quickly produce solid evidence – XAMN, the powerful analysis solution, will enable you to discover, analyze and share your vital insights.

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Discover evidence: Conversations & images

Collecting evidence: Tags and Notes

Sharing evidence

How a UK police force found digital evidence in a flood of data with astonishing speed

A UK Police Force was faced with a massive backslide in solving cases. The volume of data and digital evidence which required filtering and analyzing were enormous. A senior manager talks about the vast amount of time saved by being able to sort digital evidence quickly.

Let us share with you how XAMN helped the team to be more efficient and evolve a more sustainable way of working resulting in the number of arrests directly linked to reviewing digital media extractions going from 3 to 19 in the first 12 months.

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Webinar recording: How investigators can uncover digital evidence with astonishing speed and results

Watch our MSAB webinar to learn about the MSAB analytics tool, XAMN. Our experts at MSAB, will show you the powerful search capabilities in XAMN and how to successfully navigate them.

In this webinar, they present their personal case experiences where various Police units found digital evidence in a flood of data with astonishing speed and results.

The live webinar has already taken place, but you can register to view a recording of the full presentation and Q&A session.


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Australian Police: XAMN helped solve armed robbery

“The use of XAMN was central to solving an armed robbery case and winning a conviction. I was able to quickly cross-correlate data from multiple data sets, find important data using filters to find images taken on or around the offence date by mobile phones used by suspects and other relevant associates.”

– Veteran Australian police investigator Jeremy Byers