Can I purchase XRY Physical only?2017-01-24T09:27:58+01:00

Yes but we don’t recommend it.

This is due to the potential to omit data extracted via a logical analysis of a mobile device which usually accounts for a significant amount of evidence from mobile devices.

  • The SIM ID Cloner element of XRY is connected to the XRY Logical license and thus SIM Card reading would not be possible with XRY Physical only
  • Physical imaging only of devices is a more complex process and the levels of support for devices is lower than for logical devices
  • Physical extractions by their very nature usually take more time to complete than logical extractions
  • Some of the Restricted license elements are present only in XRY Logical, so elements of the most powerful decoding would be missing
  • Finally due to the levels of encryption present on some modern smartphones like the iPhone, whilst we can get a physical dump of the device, the data is usually encrypted (if the device is locked) so it has little value if you can’t decode it.

Physical extractions of mobile devices are not able to get complete disk images of a phone memory in the same way that users might imagine a complete image in traditional computer forensics; where a hard disk-drive is imaged. Mobile devices are proprietary live electronic devices and the data on-board is constantly changing from the moment the device is turned on, which is usually required in order to recover data. There are also encryption issues to overcome and many times the only way to recover certain elements of data is through a logical extraction.

For that reason we strongly recommend customers to purchase XRY Logical and XRY Physical as the most suitable option for the majority to recover the maximum amount of data.

How do your products compare with the competition?2017-01-24T09:27:58+01:00

Brilliantly of course, but we would say that wouldn’t we? So instead of listening to us, why not try our solutions for yourself before you buy, so you can be sure they are right for you. Please visit our Sales Options page for more details of how to try XRY for free with a 30 day evaluation.

I am a digital forensics student doing research, can you help me with my questions?2015-03-26T12:40:21+01:00

The simple answer to this question is “It depends”

Mobile forensics is a relatively new field in the digital forensic arena and there is not so much published information as there is for computer forensics. As a result we receive a lot of requests from students all over the world asking us questions about various issues related to mobile forensics.

If you want us to provide information it helps to be as specific as possible and ensure that you don’t expect us to spend hours drafting answers. Occasionally we get the more enterprising students who try to delegate responsibility for what seems like their entire dissertations to us and we have to say no. For that reason we may not always be able to answer your questions.

I am a customer – where can I find a complete list of supported phones?2016-02-23T15:27:15+01:00

This information is stored in the Documentation folder of the Forensic Pack that you install on your computer. Please go to: C:\Program Files\Micro Systemation\Forensic Pack\Documentation where you will find a spreadsheet listing all the devices we support.

Alternatively you can download a spreadsheet from the MSAB Customer Portal > Support > Quick Guides > Supported Features. You will need a username and login to access this document.

What devices do you support?2015-10-29T10:48:50+01:00

We have not made our Device support list public for the simple reason that our customers have asked us not to. However if you are genuinely interested in obtaining a list before you make a purchase decision, then of course we can help. Just email us, explaining who you are and why you would like the list and we can email it to you, along with more information about our product ranges. The XRY Device Manual is a fantastic tool which lists every single device that is supported and details exactly what data you can and cannot expect to recover during an extraction.

Contact Sales for a List of Supported Devices >>

How do I get access to all XRY features?2018-04-17T09:48:32+02:00

This applies to customers who have not accepted and signed the EU export terms.

Please contact your local sales/support representative for MSAB or send an email to contactme@msab.com with your organization details and XRY license key number.

How do export controls affect me?2015-03-26T12:30:14+01:00

Users of XRY are restricted from selling, lending or allowing access to XRY to any third party without our prior written agreement. End users are specifically prohibited from the re-export of XRY outside of their original nation state.

All exports of dual-use products require a license. What type of license depends on the type of organization using it, where the product will be used and also for what purposes it will be used.  In many circumstances we do not anticipate any difficulties in issuing our customers with a license. The XRY Forensic Pack EULA reflects the full terms and if you install XRY, you must accept these conditions before you can use the software.

Why do export controls affect XRY?2018-02-21T09:08:20+01:00

The powerful decoding and decryption technology used in XRY means that it is classed as a “dual-use” product and subject to export controls dictated by the United Nations.  ‘Dual-use’ items mean they can be used for both civilian and military purposes. These export controls include shipment of goods and also the transmission of software by electronic means.

As a responsible business we only sell XRY to recognized Law Enforcement, Military & Governmental Departments. In addition we can supply private sector businesses where they can demonstrate a legitimate business need for the technology. For example Mobile Phone Network companies and Accounting companies investigating corporate fraud etc.

However we will not supply XRY to certain countries where their governments are suspected of having breached international human rights. This is determined by the Swedish Inspectorate of Strategic Products who are responsible for enforcing export controls where XRY is produced.

Under EU export laws, parts of XRY are controlled. You are therefore required to accept and sign the export terms to enable the full features of XRY once your new equipment has been delivered. This is to allow us to confirm that the technology is in the right hands and in the right location before we export the most powerful component of the software which is controlled and approved.


What languages do you support?2020-04-30T09:51:23+02:00

XRY is developing all the time and we recently added support for new languages.

If you want to change the language displayed in XRY, simply go to the OPTIONS tab and select any one of the following language packs.

  1. Arabic
  2. Brazilian Portuguese
  3. Bulgarian
  4. Castellano
  5. Chinese (simplified)
  6. Czech
  7. Danish
  8. Deutsch
  9. Dutch
  10. Eesti
  11. English UK
  12. English US
  13. Finnish
  14. French
  15. Georgian
  16. Hungarian
  17. Indonesian
  18. Italian
  19. Japanese
  20. Korean
  21. Latvian
  22. Lithuanian
  23. Malay
  24. Norwegian
  25. Polish
  26. Portugese
  27. Romana
  28. Russian
  29. Slovensko
  30. Spanish
  31. Swedish
  32. Turkish
  33. Vietnamese
Do you have representatives in my local area?2015-06-30T10:03:47+02:00

Please have a look at our Partners Page first which lists all officially authorized resellers of XRY. If you cannot find anyone listed in your local area, then contact us directly to see if we can assist you.

How do I get prices from you?2017-01-24T09:27:58+01:00

We can send you a personalized quote for the supply of XRY in your area once we know a little more about you and your business need. Please send us an email explaining who you are and why you are interested and we will be delighted to respond.


What happens when my license expires?2017-01-24T09:27:58+01:00


XRY is supplied with a license key for a set period of time and during that time you can perform unlimited extractions from mobile devices. Once the license expires, you can continue to use XRY with the current release version you are working on indefinitely. In other words your license will never stop working provided you are happy to continue using the version of XRY you were using when it expired.

However because the world of mobile devices moves so fast we would encourage you to maintain your license to ensure you are kept up to date. Maintaining your XRY license means you will be able to download and use new versions of XRY with new features, receive cables for new devices which are supported and get full technical support should you ever need it.

On top of all that if you maintain your XRY license without letting it expire, then we offer you an extended warranty on all MSAB hardware in your possession for the duration of your license. So if anything breaks we will replace it free of charge.


There are different options available for XAMN, the license can stop working on expiry or it can continue to work only on the current version of XAMN software like XRY. Access to online maps will also expire when the license does. Please discuss the options with your local sales representative.

Is XRY validated or approved for use in Court?2017-01-24T09:27:58+01:00
There is no such thing as a court approved forensic device or a standard forensic tool applicable to all the different legal systems across the globe. In general terms a device has to demonstrate that it is fit for purpose in each geographical territory where it is used.
XRY is used in over 100 countries worldwide and has been used by law enforcement agencies on countless occasions as evidence in criminal proceedings since 2003. Whilst the mobile device is always ‘primary’ evidence as the original source of the data; the XRY report is often preferable because it makes it so much easier to display relevant evidence to the court.
In many nation states the government has independent legal bodies which can be used to test devices and check their validity and accuracy. NIST in the USA is a good example of such a body who have tested XRY and provided objective independent assessments to help the courts evaluate the product.
Best evidence rules in many nations also guide that a person submitting digital forensic evidence must be competent to do so, and that usually means they should have been properly trained, so that they can give evidence explaining the relevance and the implications of their actions.
Good practice also indicates that an audit trail should be created to record all processes applied to the electronic device (which XRY automatically creates for you). Such that an independent third party will be able to examine those processes and achieve the same result.
What Operating System will XRY/XAMN work with?2019-12-20T10:26:25+01:00

XRY/XAMN/XEC work with Windows 8 or 10 (64 bit). You will also need to ensure that Microsoft .NET 4.5 or above is installed on your system.

What are the minimum system requirements for XRY?2020-01-15T09:26:08+01:00

These are the minimum and recommend specifications:

  • Intel 6th Generation (Core i3 or above) or equivalent, 8 GB RAM minimum
  • 4 GB of hard-disk space required for XRY program installation
  • 256 GB HDD for data storage minimum ~ recommended 500GB or more
  • 2 USB-ports minimum – recommended 3 or more
  • Windows 8 or 10 (64 bit)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • Screen monitor 1366 x 768 resolution minimum
What levels of support are available to me?2015-03-26T12:38:01+01:00

MSAB prides itself on offering the best support in the business. Provided you maintain your licence and don’t let it expire, you will receive full telephone, email and web forum support. Our hardware comes with a full warranty which remains in place whilst your XRY licence does. We supply all the necessary equipment for each package in the initial purchase and for those customers with an XRY licence; we supply new cables free of charge when support for new devices becomes available. Our software is updated at least quarterly to ensure you have support for all the latest mobile devices and we regularly update the systems with new features and functions. All of this support is included in our product licences.

How can I tell what information will be recovered from each device?2015-03-26T12:36:38+01:00

XRY is unique in having a Device Manual which lists each and every device we support individually with a complete breakdown of what information can be recovered. Just as importantly we list what currently cannot be recovered from a mobile device in the hope that this will save you valuable time in your workload planning. With the XRY Device Manual you can know in advance precisely what sort of data can be recovered through both logical and physical extraction methods and the unique properties of each device.

Our Device Manual also contains the combined knowledge of our customer base: for devices not yet tested by MSAB, but found to be working by our customers, we list them as ‘Untested’ devices so you can benefit immediately rather than waiting for us to complete our full forensic procedures. We even list ‘impossible’ models to help save you time, for those mobiles we know just can’t be extracted from at the current time. By doing this examiners can know immediately that others have tried and failed before them, so they can move onto other devices quicker and avoid wasting valuable time.

Can you get all the data of every device?2017-01-24T09:27:58+01:00

In a word ‘no’. Mobile devices such as smartphones, GPS units, digital media players and tablets are all unique. Unlike the world of computer forensics it simply is not possible to provide support for every single device on the market because there are so many variants. Generally PC technology works with standard operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Apple Mac and standard components. However with mobiles there are literally hundreds of different proprietary operating systems, each with their own unique features. There is no forensic system available which can get all the data from every mobile device, but we are working hard to try to achieve this one day.