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In today’s digital age, virtually every crime brings with it the potential for an abundance of digital evidence, but the vast majority (91%) of law enforcement officials surveyed recently by MSAB said their mobile forensic operations need improvement.

Having the most advanced mobile forensic software at your disposal, more trained specialists, easier-to-use tools from the first extraction to analysis, to management and eventually, in court – is critical.

MSAB is dedicated to meeting these challenges for law enforcement and we’re innovating constantly to support more mobile devices and apps, to recover more data from every device, and to make the analysis as fast and easy as possible.

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MSAB – Your Trusted Partner in Mobile Forensics

MSAB takes responsibility for supporting our customers with the best possible solutions for mobile forensics. This means that we also need to stay ahead of the game; with our products and services, with our vision and energy, with our people and how we do things. We are the pioneers of our industry.

Empowering law enforcement organizations with mobile forensics solutions


Extract and decode more digital forensic data from today’s mobile devices in less time and with full integrity, ensuring it can stand up in court.

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Search, filter, review, visualize, analyze hundreds of gigabytes of mobile data effectively and find critical evidence for use in a judicial setting.

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Manage mobile forensics, improve the performance of your team, instantly update forensic software, monitor and report on operations.

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Keeping up with the world of mobile forensics

We live in a time where technology is advancing rapidly and constantly. Mobile devices hold an increasing amount of digital fingerprints, simplifying and streamlining our world with the help of communication and service applications.

With this guide we aim to clarify the crucial benefits of using mobile phone digital forensics. By the time you’re finished, you will learn more about what a proper legal process looks like – from collecting digital footprints to securing evidence to convict in a court of law.

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Need a solution for on-the-spot access to digital evidence?

This is where Raven comes into its own. An innovative portable Android App based solution for immediate digital evidence acquisition and analysis at street level.

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