Gather supporting picture and video evidence

What is XRY camera?

XRY Camera gives forensic examiners the opportunity to complement their XRY reports with photos of the examined device from an HD camera. Sometimes a screenshot is the only way to capture relevant evidence and help validate device extraction results.

Securing unique smudge markings on a smartphone screen, unusual identifying features or the IMEI on the device sticker underneath the battery can be critical in a case. XRY Camera lets you include these critical supporting images in the relevant XRY files and add examiner notes in real-time to support your case. And it is all done in an evidentially sound manner.

XRY Camera is a separate, hardware-based solution.

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XRY Camera

Product highlights

  • Take Pictures via XRY
  • Validate Data with Screenshots
  • Review before Capture
  • Pictures Built into Secure XRY Reports
  • Insert into Categories

Gather supporting evidence

Photographs and video of mobile devices and their content add a valuable
level of credibility to digital evidence presented in investigations and

XRY Camera makes it easy for forensic examiners and investigators
to capture those images and video and use them in their reports.

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XRY Camera in use

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