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Episode 8


For Episode 8, our host, Adam Firman, reconnects with an old friend and digital forensics expert, Phil Cobley. The pair had a captivating and insightful conversation covering everything from digital forensics, law enforcement challenges, training, AI, technology, and so much more. So, get ready for an episode so interesting you won’t even be conscious of the time!   

A brief look at Phil Cobley’s career  

For those who’ve followed Phil and Adam’s previous podcast, “Chewing the Fat”, Phil Cobley is a name you’ll instantly recognize. A former serving police sergeant with 12 years of service with Bedfordshire Police, Phil had an extensive law enforcement career, moving from patrol to the specialized field of digital forensics. He ultimately rose to the role of Digital Forensic and Investigations Manager within the force. His passion for training was evident even during his constable days. After leaving the police force, Phil embarked on a dynamic career path that eventually led him to join MSAB as a technical trainer in the UK. Today, he is the Digital Learning Manager at Control-F, a well-known specialist digital forensics training provider offering courses to private and public sector organizations in the UK as well as other countries. 

The Training Transition  

Phil’s passion for education and training has been a constant red thread in his career.  

Through every role he’s had, he relished the opportunity to help people grasp complex concepts, get better at using certain tools, and reach that “light bulb” moment of comprehension. Teaching, for Phil, is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about fostering a deep understanding of the subject matter and delivering information in such a way that different people with different learning styles can get it and benefit from it. 

Drawing from his extensive experience in law enforcement and training, Phil continues to make an impact on the digital forensics landscape as the Digital Learning Manager at Control-F. 

Challenges in the digital forensics field 

In this episode, Adam Firman and Phil Cobley dive deep into the challenges faced by digital forensic professionals today. One of the significant issues discussed is the growing complexity of encryption and security on devices. They explore the future of the field, which might shift from device extraction more towards data review and analysis as more services become cloud-based. The pair also discussed the role of AI in digital forensics. Phil shared his insights on the challenges of establishing truth and fact from fiction in an era where AI-generated content can potentially disrupt investigations.  

Advice for aspiring digital forensic professionals  

Phil Cobley also offered invaluable advice to newcomers to the industry. What one needs to succeed is a growth mindset and a willingness to continually learn and adapt. Seeking advice and support is a crucial part of the journey.   

Or, as Phil said it best:  

“The key to this industry isn’t knowing everything. It’s having the right mindset and attitude to be willing to learn. This is an industry in which you have to constantly update and change your perspective and understanding every six to 12 months. So as long as you’re willing to learn, then don’t worry if there’s something that crops up that you don’t know. Just seek advice and guidance and support to try and understand it, wherever that might be.” 


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