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Episode 2


In an industry that consistently deals with tsunamis of data, devices, encryption, and technological advancements, it’s crucial to drive innovation, develop solutions and come up with ideas that ensure digital investigators not only keep up, but stay ahead. How can computer forensics and mobile forensics work together for the benefit of the end user? Does freeing up time for highly qualified forensic experts streamline digital investigations and help solve more crimes? What’s some great advice for digital investigators, either new to the industry or seasoned experts?

In this episode, Adam Firman is joined by Andrew Lister, Managing Director of Detego Global. Detego Global is a leading UK company that offers digital forensics, case management, and endpoint monitoring solutions trusted by the military, law enforcement teams, and intelligence agencies around the world. 

Andrew is an ex Royal Marine️, ex UK Special Forces team leader, who has now amassed over a decade worth of experience in the corporate space. At Detego, Andrew leads his team in providing critical technology that is paramount for countering terrorism, child abuse, narcotics, human trafficking, blackmail, war crimes, gang crime, and much more.  

In an insightful conversation, the pair covers everything from Andy’s extensive military career, his transition into the digital forensic world, and thoughts on the challenges and opportunities of the industry. They also touched upon some of the best practices for frontline personnel as well as lab-based forensic experts, exciting new partnerships, and advice for up-and-coming DFIR practitioners.  

There was also talk of ninjas, Nintendo, slight coffee addictions, David Gemmel’s fantasy novels, and a whole lot of words of wisdom.


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