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28 May, 2024

MSAB XAMN Pro – Discover Evidence: Time, Place and Persons

Not everyone who commits a crime plans it carefully. Suspects in most…

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21 March, 2024

Hidden gems in Apple iOS digital forensics 

Apple iOS devices contain large amounts of artifacts, from both apps and…


19 March, 2024

A gift from Apple a day puts deleted data in play

A small gift from Apple sees an Apple Backup yield more fruit…


15 March, 2024

#MSABWomen: Working Together for a Safer Tomorrow  

Meet some of the exceptional women of MSAB—brilliant, driven, and downright awesome…


14 March, 2024

Inspiring Change: Women at the Forefront of Innovation

Visionary thinkers. Groundbreaking scientists. Daring innovators. Our history is filled with remarkable…


10 January, 2024

A Year in Review: A Closer Look at the Top Updates to Our Product Range in 2023

2023 has been a year of innovation, growth, and an unwavering commitment…


29 November, 2023

BFU – Seeing is believing

Oh no, the device is in BFU:  This is the common reaction;…


9 November, 2023

#DevelopersofMSAB – Gustav Björk

If I was doing something which I did not see as challenging…


9 November, 2023

#DeveloperofMSAB – Wendy Wong

If you really like challenges and continuous learning, then MSAB is the…

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