A whole new level of analytics in mobile forensics

What is XAMN Pro?

XAMN Pro is next level mobile forensics; a powerful intuitive tool that helps you find and analyze data faster, easier, with greater precision. XAMN Pro is designed to make the life of digital investigators easier.  And make it simpler for all users to understand and ensure access to all XAMN’s functionality.

XAMN Pro brings the benefits of greater functionality and even better value to investigators through the unique advantage of being the only software tool out there which is guaranteed to map, index, and optimally present every single data artifact. It is designed with one goal in mind: To increase analytical efficiency – so that you can find what you are looking for quickly and successfully.

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  • Uncover digital evidence with astonishing speed and results

    In this series of short videos, we showcase some of the main funtionalities within XAMN, and how they can help you in your investigations.

    Part 1: Discover Evidence: Time, Place and Persons

    Being able to determine who committed a crime, when, and where is vital in any investigation. XAMN helps you shorten from day, to minutes the process of finding the intel relevant to your case.

  • Part 2: Discover Evidence: Conversations and images

    Today we communicate digitally almost exclusively through videos, images and text messages. Seized devices often contain tens of thousands of images and messages. With the time pressure to investigate a crime quickly, it has become essential to use digital tools that allow you to speedily, securely and efficiently analyze and sort images and messages.

    In this video, we show how XAMN can help you quickly analyze pictures and conversations.

  • Part 3: Collecting evidence: Tags and Notes

    While investigating your case, you will find evidence that you consider of interest, but not conclusive. In most cases, the amount of evidence tends to be large and a bit unwieldy. So being able to tag evidence easily is crucial to seeing the crime as a whole and getting a clear overview of what is key.

    To help you succeed in this part of the investigation, XAMN is equipped with functions such as Tagging and Examiner Notes.

    Watch this video to learn more about how this functionality helps organize your findings, and create accurate and relevant reports.

  • Part 4: Sharing evidence: Reporting and Exporting

    In this final video, we look at the importance of being able to package all the evidence and objects so that they both hold up in court and can support other investigations.

    When a report is to be created it is not only crucial that you handle the process in a completely legal fashion. You must also succeed in presenting the evidence in a way that is easy to understand.

    With XAMN, the best digital forensic analysis solution, users have a complete “crime to court room” solution allowing them to present the investigations’ findings with confidence.



Product highlights

  • Use XAMN’s AI-based content recognition filter to automatically classify images as weapons, drugs and others
  • Highlight your findings with a comprehensive tagging functionality
  • Displaying several searches simultaneously, across multiple monitors
  • Advanced hex carving to make sense of missing, deleted, or fragmented data
  • View several XRY files from the same or several different handsets
  • Wide range of exports to enable you to export your findings to PDF, XML, HTML, Word, Excel, GPX, KMZ, VICS and more
  • Parse content from warrant returns and include that data in your case as a .xry file.
  • Filter by content category, text, phone number, geography, deleted data and more

From crime to court room:
Create credible reports in customized formats

Imagine you are using a mobile forensic tool to generate a report to present in court only to discover that the court has not accepted your evidence. Investigation reports are vital to success.

XAMN functionality will help digital investigators organize their findings, create accurate and relevant reports with all the necessary and acceptable evidence, in accordance with a court of law.

  • Quick search, the ability to manage timelines, that you can print – not just export – performance is very good.

IT Investigator, Belgium

Advanced data reconstruction made easier

Time pressure, missing evidence, deleted files, fragments of code – every day mobile forensic experts face tough challenges.
XAMN Pro with its advanced hex carving is designed to help expert users to dig deeply into undecoded or fragmented data in order to bookmark, reconstruct and validate crucial pieces of information that would otherwise be unavailable.


Eliminate errors, Generate custom reports with XAMN Report Builder

When a report is to be created it is not only crucial that you handle the process in a completely legal fashion. You must also succeed in presenting the evidence in a way that is easy to understand.

The “Report Builder” function in XAMN allows you to, with simple drag and drop technology, build standardized templates for use within your department to create professional, error free and customized court presentation reports.

You can also use the tailor-made templates which allow you to simply add your forensics work – including chain of custody, persons involved, evidence and instrumentation descriptions, analysis statements and conclusions – to the program to get a complete, well-formed digital forensics report.

Choose the right data analysis training courses

We provide the best training in the digital forensics industry with dedicated full-time trainers available across the globe. Obtain new skills on how to successfully search, filter and analyze data using our XAMN products.

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