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XRY Products

XRY Logical

Extract and recover data communicating with the operating system

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XRY Physical

Extract and recover raw data directly from the device memory

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XRY Cloud

Extract and recover additional data from connected cloud based storages

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XRY PinPoint

Extract and recover data from non-standard mobile devices

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XRY Camera

Capture images of screenshots to complement extractions

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The first choice for
digital evidence extraction

XRY is a software application designed to run on the Windows operating system which allows you to perform a secure forensic extraction of data from a wide variety of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, modems, music players and satellite navigation units.

Extracting data from cell phones is a specialist skill and not the same as recovering data from traditional computers. Most mobile devices don’t share the same operating systems and are proprietary embedded devices which have unique configurations. What does that mean in terms of getting data out of them? Well in simple terms, it means it is very difficult to do.

XRY has been designed and developed to make that process easy for you, with support for thousands of different mobile devices and smartphone app versions. We supply a total solution to help you secure the data you need. Our intuitive software guides you through the process step by step to make it as easy as possible.

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Support for 21,550 Device Profiles

Logical Extraction
Physical Dumping
Physical Decoding
Passcode & Bypass
App Versions

XRY Logical

The Starting Place for Mobile Forensics

XRY Logical software enables investigators to perform ‘logical’ data and file system acquisitions from mobile devices. This is our entry level solution for forensic investigators and the starting place for our license options.

By communicating with the operating system on the device, it is possible to request information from it. In general terms XRY Logical will allow you to recover most of the live and file system data from the device. It is an automated equivalent of manually examining each screen on the device and recording what is displayed. XRY Logical is the industry standard and a cost effective solution for many of our customers.

Our software is tested on every device we support and fully documented. With XRY’s unique ‘Device Manual’ help file, investigators know exactly what information to expect from a device

» XRY Logical Product Sheet

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  • Recover Live Mobile Data
  • Secure XRY File Format
  • Sim Card Reading
  • Triage Profiles
XRY Logical

XRY Physical

Get Greater Access to System and Deleted Data

XRY Physical is the next level license for the physical recovery of data from mobile devices. With this option examiners will have greater access to system and deleted data and can use extra functionality to help them overcome security and encryption challenges on locked devices.

A more advanced solution that allows you to perform a ‘physical’ extraction from a mobile device, recovering available raw data. Typically this is performed by bypassing the operating system and offers the opportunity to go deeper and recover deleted data from the device. A physical extraction is separated into two distinct stages, the initial ‘dump’ whereby raw data is recovered from the device and then the second stage ‘decode’ where XRY can automatically reconstruct the data into something meaningful; such as a deleted data without the need for manual carving. XRY Physical is enabled as a license element within the XRY solution.

» XRY Physical Product Sheet

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  • Smartphone App Support
  • Recover Deleted Data
  • Bypass Mobile Passcodes
  • Device Dump and Binary Importing
XRY Physical

XRY Cloud

Recovery of Data Beyond the Mobile Device

XRY Cloud is a new extraction solution designed for the recovery of data beyond the mobile. The tokens used on mobile devices to enable apps to function on smartphones without the need for users to constantly enter their username and password details, offer forensic examiners a window of opportunity to recover data from cloud based storage centres via the Internet.

XRY Cloud is a separate license controlled extraction tool developed by MSAB to enable authorized forensic examiners to recover even more data. Constructed as a separate component within the XRY product, this functionality will allow users to recover data in two modes; automatic or manual.

Users will be capable of recovering data from the cloud by using tokens recovered from the mobile device automatically or by manually entering user account details recovered from other sources, to secure the evidence.

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  • Recover Cloud Based Data
  • Online Social Media Secured
  • Extract without Device
  • Automated or Manual Recovery options
XRY Home Screen

XRY PinPoint

The Solution for Non-Standard Mobile Devices

PinPoint is an advanced solution comprised of both compact hardware and powerful software. Fully integrated, it uses the familiar and easy to use interface of the XRY application.

PinPoint enables users to extract and decode data from non-standard mobile devices. Typically these are cheap imitation phones from Asia. With these devices the forensic challenge is the connector, where the pin-out contacts vary and may not even be known. XRY PinPoint is able to automatically detect the pin-out configuration, in order to communicate with the mobile device. PinPoint supports devices with chipsets from MediaTek, MStar, Spreadtrum, Coolsand and Infinion. In addition to the verified device profiles in XRY, there are also generic profiles that work with thousands more undocumented devices.

The hardware is compact and well-suited to work in the field. PinPoint is developed and delivered by MSAB to be the most user friendly and capable non-standard mobile device solution. It runs on a separate license and requires the user to have an XRY Logical/Physical license already installed.

» XRY PinPoint Product Sheet

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  • Physical extraction
  • Bypass user lock code
  • Automatic pin detection
  • Data decoding
  • Report generation
  • Binary file export
XRY PinPoint

XRY Camera

Gather Supporting Picture Evidence

XRY Camera allows forensic examiners to capture images of mobile devices and relevant screenshots to complement their digital extractions. With the XRY Camera you can gather supporting evidence to include during forensic examinations of mobile devices and link them to XRY reports of data extractions.

Sometimes a screenshot is the only way to capture relevant evidence, so now you can complement results using images to substantiate what is seen on the device. Taking screenshots helps to validate extraction results and show exactly how that information appeared on the screen of the device at the time of examination, in an evidentially sound manner.

Using a dedicated USB high definition camera, pictures can be reviewed live on screen prior to capture and examiner notes added real-time to support your case. Images can be viewed, selected and deleted as required and inserted into any relevant XRY report category, at any stage of the process.

» XRY Camera Product Sheet

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  • Take Pictures with XRY
  • Review Pictures before Capture
  • Insert Pictures into Categories
  • High Definition USB Camera
  • Built into secure XRY Report
  • Validate Data with Screenshots
  • Add Examiner Notes