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The combined power of MSAB mobile forensics software solutions, platforms and services is the key to solving more cases with greater reliability at a lower cost.

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Harness Your Mobile Forensics Investigations With MSAB

MSAB is a global leader in forensic technology for mobile device examination and analysis. MSAB has been involved in mobile communications since 1984 and has had a singular focus on mobile forensics since 2003. We primarily serve law enforcement agencies but also prisons/correctional institutions, intelligence agencies, tax authorities, border control agencies, the military and selected private companies.

We develop and provide high quality, easy-to-use mobile forensic software that enables and empowers our customers to fulfill their missions to make the world a safer place. Our mobile forensic solutions have been instrumental in empowering many organizations worldwide to scale up their capabilities and decentralize their mobile forensic operations for increased efficiency, eliminating delays and device processing backlogs. Read more about us here

  • XRY – A mobile forensic solution for faster results and cost savings for police forces

    “The very first job we used XRY on was a murder and we got exactly what we wanted within hours. That weekend we estimate that we saved the force £6,000 and from that point on, there was no going back.” – DC Adrian Stratton and PC John Loveridge, Gloucestershire Constabulary, England.

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  • High quality effective digital forensics training for your team

    “The course was excellent, well presented in an informal informative manner. The content was very good, relevant and current” – Quote from XRY Certification Feedback

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  • Invaluable webinars to watch while working remotely

    “The webinars that have been held through lockdown, and various other resources shared by MSAB, have been invaluable to my development as a forensic investigator. I can not praise them enough.” – Forensic Analyst

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  • The utmost in reliable mobile phone forensic solutions

    Having used XRY daily for the past 3 years it is simply the most efficient and reliable mobile forensic software available. XRY is all that is needed to recover live and deleted data, produce the results in a clear and concise report. I have tried other forensic recovery software but none come close to XRY!” – Forensic Examiner, United Kingdom

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  • XAMN prevents escalated child abuse

    “We arrested a suspect and found a lot of additional child abuse material. The ability of XAMN to parse the google search Warrant Returns was vital to picking up the suspect before they committed full blown child molestation.” – Detective, Sheriff’s Office in the US

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Empowering organizations with mobile forensics solutions

Man performing phone extraction using XRY on the MSAB Tablet


Recover more data faster and easier with XRY. Extract and decode more digital forensic data from today’s mobile devices in less time and with full integrity, ensuring it can stand up in court.

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Man analyzing extracted phone data using XAMN


Find critical evidence and intelligence with XAMN. Search, filter, review, visualize and analyze hundreds of gigabytes of mobile data effectively for use in a judicial setting.

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Manager using XEC Director


Gain control and speed up your operations with XEC. Manage mobile forensics, improve the performance of your team, instantly update forensic software, monitor and report on operations.

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Four Critical Success Factors in Mobile Forensics: Getting the Data Is Just the Beginning

Imagine a scenario where you are using a mobile forensic tool to generate a report for presentation in court, only to discover that the court refused to accept your evidence.

Digital evidence is just as powerful and sometimes more effective than physical evidence at the same time it requires examiners and investigators to be able to defend their findings, tools, evidence and methods in court. So, preserving the integrity of digital evidence is critical in order to survive any challenges in court.

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