With Support for 15,330 Device Profiles

and 675 Smartphone Apps

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XRY Office is the all-In-one mobile forensic system; combining both our logical and physical solutions into one package. XRY Office allows investigators full access to all the possible methods to recover data from a mobile device.

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MSAB introduces the XRY Tablet; a lightweight portable and easy to use solution designed for the frontline, where mobile data recovery needs to happen quickly at the scene to ensure timely access to data.

XRY Kiosk

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The Kiosk is a forensic tool designed for first responders where mobile data recovery is just one part of their responsibilities. With its touch screen interface it is designed to easily recover data from mobile devices.

Current Number of Forensic Profiles Supported

Logical Extraction
Physical Dumping
Physical Decoding
Passcode & Bypass
App Versions
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XRY v6.14 – Current Version

A new version of XRY is released with support for 15,330 support profiles. In this release we’ve made major improvements to the XRY Device Manual & Viewer Application, added support for a new SmartWatch and decoding of LG Knock Codes on Android. Plus support for latest versions of iOS 8.3 and shared user app data.

Please click here for details of our latest release: Read more »


XAMN v6.14 – Current Version

  • New Grouping of Device Files
  • Examiner Notes are now to Connection view dialog
  • Improved sorting of data in dialogue boxes in Connection View
  • Tagged items now displayed in details information windows

Now available for download from Customer Portal: Read more »

Latest MSAB News

22Jul, 2015

2015 Customer Survey & Competition Winner

MSAB conducted a customer survey in June. The survey answers are extremely useful to help us understand current issues facing digital forensic examiners. We would like to thank all those who took the time to answer. […]

8Jul, 2015

MSAB Kiosk (MK2) – A Faster and More Powerful Tool

July 6 – Arlington, VA
Faster, More Powerful Tool Will Support a Wide Range of Investigations, Alleviate Backlog
Today, MSAB, the mobile leader in forensic technology for mobile examination and pioneer of XRY announced the release of its new Kiosk. […]

6Jul, 2015

Introducing the MSAB Kiosk MK2

There are now more mobile devices than people in the world.
When it comes to criminal investigations, they have become one of the most important pieces of evidence for investigators to help prove communications, associations and locations. […]

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