MSAB Kiosk (MK2) – A Faster and More Powerful Tool

July 6 – Arlington, VA

Faster, More Powerful Tool Will Support a Wide Range of Investigations, Alleviate Backlog

Today, MSAB, the mobile leader in forensic technology for mobile examination and pioneer of XRY announced the release of its new Kiosk.

MSAB Kiosk Forensic Focus link

Kiosk is a turnkey solution that enables a broad spectrum of digital forensics capabilities to support the rapid and comprehensive processing and analysis of digital evidence from mobile devices. Sold only to law enforcement, the new unit has improved screen size and resolution, faster processor and more storage that will empower law enforcement at every level to address the growing demand and backlog for processing of digital evidence.

“The new Kiosk provides full control for managers and can be tailored to organization workflows and configured for different levels of forensic ability,” said Joel Bollo, CEO of MSAB. “It’s a cutting edge forensic tool that is easy to use—it’s designed for frontline personnel where mobile data recovery is just a part of their duties.”

With the new, more powerful Kiosk, personnel will be able to extract the data in minutes using the touch screen interface.  Kiosk provides full control for managers with password and permission levels. The Kiosk offers the ability to speedily recover data, for users who require fast extractions in a controlled environment. Kiosk, with its increased speed and efficiency can play a pivotal role in addressing the growing backlog in the processing of digital evidence to enable the successful prosecution for a wide range of criminal activities including the trafficking of human beings and narcotics. To read a recent article about this backlog and how digital forensics is successfully addressing it, click here.

“Kiosk is a powerful force multiplier for organizations because it will empower them to examine more mobile devices, faster,” added Bollo. “With the Kiosk, you just plug in the mobile device, touch the screen and extract the data within minutes while fully maintaining the integrity and credibility of the forensic evidence for trial, throughout the process.”

For more information, download the product sheet here. MSAB’s XRY has been successfully proven in courts of in over 100 countries around the world.