Mobile forensic solutions for child exploitation investigations

Having fast, effective and affordable mobile forensic capabilities that also protects investigators is essential for conducting successful investigations into crimes against children. More and more of the evidence involved in crimes against children cases has moved from desktop and laptop computers to mobile phones and online apps. So today, having the best mobile forensic tools is more critical than ever.

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Faster extraction and decoding times compared to other tools

Faster image processing and automatic image recognition

Integrated with Project VIC’s worldwide database of hashed images so investigators can quickly see whether an image is “known” or “unknown,” and respond appropriately

The ability to recover data from the Cloud

Support for more than 27,000 mobile devices and apps;

Cost-effective online training programs for staff

Analyze data from multiple cases and users in one view — to find connections between suspects and victims;

Downgrade an app to an earlier version if the latest app version is not supported;

The most secure and evidentially sound forensic solution on the market, based on having a complete, unencrypted audit trail that can be verified by experts.

Don’t take our word for it.

We hear this feedback regularly from child crime investigators
using XRY and XAMN.

They find tremendous time-savings and efficiency gains as they
follow these investigative processes:

Extract the data with Content Recognition function activated (setting in XRY Options menu)

Filter all pictures that include people with the Recognized Content Filter in XAMN

Use Hash filter and a hash watchlist to filter out images that are already known as child pornography

Tag these pictures as “known” and exclude them from the remaining picture view using the “Exclude” parameter for the Hash filter

View and analyze the remaining pictures. The thresholder slider for the Recognized Content filter and Gallery View make it easy to quickly scan the images

Once “new or unknown” images are found, investigators can tag them, create a filter based on that tag, export the hash values for these pictures and add the hash values to their existing list

We were close to being overwhelmed by the number of cases we were asked to investigate. We now process over 1,200 pieces of digital evidence a year. Having the right tools and the right training … has been a game changer.

Former Lt. Wilton Cleveland, unit supervisor of the Memphis, Tennessee Police Department’s Internet Crimes Against Children Unit


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