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XAMN Products

XAMN Viewer

Find all relevant information. Easily sift through XRY data files

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XAMN Spotlight

Work faster. Powerful multimode review and search for multiple XRY files

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XAMN Horizon

Seeing is believing. Visualize multiple XRY files in different views

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What is XAMN?

The XAMN family of software are a suite of analysis tools designed primarily for investigators to help them to work more efficiently.

Once mobile data has been recovered using the XRY suite of tools, it is usually down to investigators to locate and analyze the critical information. XAMN tools will help you identify that information fast, whether to see the big picture or identify precise details in a huge dataset of mobile evidence.

XAMN products are simple to use and represent excellent value for money; because they minimize the requirement for infrastructure and training. Every investigator can directly take advantage of the power of XAMN to solve crimes faster, resulting in financial savings and improved efficiency and crime detection for their organization.

  • Fast and effective investigator tools from microscope to telescope
  • Enables quick opening and review of multiple phone files in a single case
  • Multiple screen views, hex mode, time zones and search to improve detection
  • Customizable reports, data tagging and multiple export capabilities
  • Designed for efficiency, made from experience
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XAMN Viewer

A simple, no-frills tool to filter and analyze XRY files

Viewer is a free, no-frills, no install tool for viewing the results of XRY extraction files.

Designed for widespread distribution within customer organizations, XAMN Viewer is a step up from previous freely distributed tools.

This product is a pared-down version of the powerful XAMN Spotlight and shares similarities in design layout and also gives users the ability to view data in four different ways:  List | Grid | File Tree | Gallery View.

XAMN Viewer offers users enhanced functionality, helping users secure evidence faster than ever.

  • Free, no installation, no dependencies
  • Multiple Tabs, 4 Different Views & Export functions
  • Brings staff efficiency by finding data faster
XAMN Viewer
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XAMN Spotlight 2.0

Taking mobile forensics to the next level

As the amount of data in smartphones steadily increases, investigators are tasked with sifting through thousands of messages and gigabytes of data to find the relevant information. This is only getting harder and harder to achieve. We know that investigators are an integral part of law enforcement, so increasing their efficiency is critical for future success.

Spotlight is the flagship tool in the new suite of XAMN analysis products from MSAB. Spotlight is a replacement for the XRY Reader and has evolved to become a much more powerful tool. Spotlight is focused to support investigators that know what they are looking for; aimed at the broad level of digital forensic investigators who are interested in the output of a mobile device examination. It combines ease of use with powerful searching capabilities that can be freely combined by the user.

Spotlight includes four different views, each of which displays different aspects of the case. In addition Spotlight will contain a powerful Source Mode option to allow users to check the original hex data for verification.


XAMN Horizon

With an ever growing number of mobile devices being seized and examined by investigators, the challenge of how to make sense of all the data is becoming a significant issue. As part of the wider Ecosystem, XAMN Horizon allows users to view the contents of multiple XRY files in one place to compare data from different devices simultaneously and look for connections.

Horizon is designed specifically for the visualization of mobile devices forensic files in an easy to use interface. It allows investigators with access to relatively low powered computers to get high powered analysis. It also helps with a quicker understanding, visual overview and assessment of all the information in a flexible, intuitive software package.

XAMN Horizon is optimized for normalization of time & dates from phones and quicker searching of multiple files for critical information.

Additional options

XAMN Offline Translation

XAMN tools have a powerful upgrade option to allow for live translation of text from one language to another whilst offline. Our translation tool is an upgrade license option which allow operators to translate the contents of mobile devices into their own language on the fly.

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  • Create a combined List View of data from multiple handsets
  • Create a Connection View to show who is connected
  • Create 3 different types of timeline
  • Create Map Views using geo-data
  • Create a Conversation View to see Chat Exchanges