XRY Evidence Used for 3 Recent Criminal Trials

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This month there are three new stories, summarized below.

Witness Tells Murder Trial He Heard Woman Demanding Wallet

Killing of elderly man was an attempt to cover up robbery, court told. Taking to the stand, Garda Tom Petrie told Remy Farrell that he was an XRY examiner and that he had recovered data from the mobile phones of both Sabrina and Kenneth Cummins.

Robbery Confession – on Snapchat

In June 2015 four young men aged between 18 and 24 years old, were accused of attempting to rob the grocery store Matöppet in Halmstad (Sweden). The prosecutor’s evidence include large amounts of texts and instant messages, as well as messages from the social media app Snapchat, all recovered by XRY, that implicated the group.

Jail for Multiple Mobile Phone Thief at Festival

A year in prison and extradition from Sweden is the penalty for a 27-year-old caught with 91 stolen mobile phones during the Bråvalla Festival in Norrköping, Sweden this summer.
”The portable format and the fast extraction times of XRY helped us scan through the mobile data in an efficient way, and pass on the relevant information to the investigators.”

– Mattias Olofsson, Swedish Police

XRY Cable Case

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