XRY, Kiosk/Tablet & Viewer v6.15 Released Today

v6.15 of XRY, Kiosk/Tablet & Viewer have been released today with support for 16,463 mobile forensic profiles including 847 Apps!

We have added support for the iPhone 6s/Plus, iOS 9 and Android 6 Marshmallow operating systems in the new XRY v6.15 release.

Amongst many other new features, the releases include:

  • Enhanced Auto-Detection in XRY Extraction Wizard
  • The XRY Library App has been updated to include full app support documentation
  • A Pure 64Bit beta version of XRY is being made available for evaluationXRY v6.15 Release
  • The Mk2 MSAB Kiosk is now available with camera functionality to allow the capture of pictures and screenshots, which can be inserted into a secure XRY report.

For more details please download a copy of the latest release notes here »

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