MSAB is excited to introduce the latest releases of XRY, XAMN, and XEC

Now available: XRY 10.10, XAMN 7.10, and XEC 7.10

Broader support & increased efficiency for smarter investigations.


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MSAB is excited to introduce the latest releases of XRY, XAMN, and XEC.

From broader support for Android Full File System to improved keyboard shortcuts in XAMN and significant reporting updates brought to XEC, we’re featuring a host of upgrades and innovative additions that will further amplify the efficiency of our entire product suite.


Here’s what you can expect from our latest major release:


Release Highlights in XRY 10.10

Extracting and decoding mobile data with XRY 10.10 is faster and more efficient, both at the frontline level and in the lab. Our powerful data recovery software now supports over 47,000 devices, including over 480 apps and more than 4600 app versions.

And the good news is only starting.

  • Broader support for Android Full File System (FFS) Consent Generic

XRY 10.10 comes with several new exploits to the Android FFS Consent Generic profile, which will significantly improve your extraction capabilities. Hundreds of new Qualcomm-based Android devices can now be extracted – all you have to do is use the Android FFS Consent Generic profile in XRY.

  • Improved drone support

Drone data is becoming increasingly important in many investigations. And the latest release of XRY makes it a whole lot easier to handle this type of data. You are now able to view flights, flight path, and planned flight path with the new drone import profiles. Using the XAMN Pro drone tab opens a host of new possibilities for your investigations.

  • Broader MediaTek support

 XRY was already unmatched in the MediaTek support it offered, and the updated version of our product has expanded even further on that capability. The addition of the MT6789 chipset, supporting devices such as Unihertz Jelly Star, has made our Android MediaTek Generic profile stronger, ensuring that if one of these devices comes across your desk, you’ll be able to confidently tackle it as part of your investigation.


Release highlights in XRY Pro

The latest release of XRY Pro sees the addition of many new profiles covered. Samsung Exynos devices can now be extracted by running the Samsung Exynos Generic profile.


Release Highlights in XAMN 7.10

XAMN 7.10 features substantial enhancements aimed at simplifying your workflow and helping your investigations. Some of the key improvements we brought to our powerful analysis tool include:

  • Streamline investigations with keyboard shortcuts

The new release of XAMN Pro offers flexibility for built-in keyboard shortcuts, greatly enhancing the efficiency of your investigations. In this latest release you can edit the keyboard shortcuts, allowing you to quickly access the features you use most frequently for even greater convenience

  • Improved Project VIC grading options

You now have easy access to grade pictures and edit their Project VIC properties through the Project VIC button in the XAMN Pro ribbon menu. This new addition will simplify the workflow, making it easier when handling multiple pictures simultaneously.

  • Import drone data and ElcomSoft iOS extractions

XAMN 7.10 introduces expanded decoding capabilities, making your work more versatile and convenient. You can now import Geographic KML files, V2 Forensics Drone extractions, DJI Drone extractions, and ElcomSoft iOS FFS extractions seamlessly within XAMN Pro.


Release highlights in XEC 7.10

XEC Director is your go-to solution for more productive management of your operations, and the latest release takes this productivity to the next level.

  • Improved process for client system software updates

Central management of client systems through XEC Director offers many benefits, such as ensuring all clients are using the latest version without requiring manual updates by an administrator.

With XEC Director 7.10, the setup file upload process is now handled in the background, allowing you to continue using the tool without interruption. Additionally, we provide more detailed information during the software update process, enhancing user experience.

  • New standard report – Apps summary

Feedback from our customers is important to us, as we strive to tailor our solutions to meet your needs directly. Introducing the new Apps summary report is a step in that direction. This new feature compiles the decoded apps and the number of related data artifacts for the extracted Android and iOS devices, making it easy to show what was possible to extract from devices. For instance, this type of information may be necessary for reporting crime statistics to the government.

  • Easier creation of custom reports with reporting views

 Whether you need to create more detailed reports beyond the standard ones or require reports for governmental use, you can generate customized reports to meet your needs. You can either turn to MSAB Professional Services for set-up assistance or create custom reports yourself with guidance from us.


Release highlights in KTE

We’re proud to empower frontline personnel with innovative tools that speed up investigations and deliver better results.

  • Speech-to-text available on MSAB Kiosks and Tablets

One of the great improvements to our frontline solutions that comes in this release is the addition of our incredibly powerful speech-to-text functionality to the MSAB Kiosks and Tablet, making it available to a broader user base.

  • Enhancements to automatic reporting

In the newest version of the MSAB Kiosk, Tablet, and XRY Express it is a lot easier to automatically report on the actions taken during an extraction.



To discover all the updated product capabilities, supported devices and apps, and explore the improvements made to XRY, XAMN, and XEC, download the latest product releases and Release Notes from the MSAB Customer Portal.


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