Checkm8 exploit is now integrated in XRY 9.0.1

With a significant increase in extraction speed XRY 9.0.1 now includes a built-in jailbreak tool, based on the checkm8 exploit, which will enable users to jailbreak an unbroken iOS device from within XRY.



Investigators can now perform the entire process from within a Windows based forensic examination computer. It is fully integrated and will support filesystem extractions of the following iOS devices: iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X on iOS versions 13.0 to 13.4.1

The new capability will enable investigators to access an increased amount of data with noticeably faster extraction times, improved ease of use, greater control over the process and will ensure a complete forensic chain of custody entirely within the XRY domain.

The new release also includes a significant product stability improvement across the XRY, KTE and XAMN range.

Full release notes are available on the MSAB Customer Portal.

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