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What is XRY Photon?

As app versions and security protocols are constantly improved, mobile extraction tools can fail to extract decrypted app data. Until now, this has forced examiners to use time-consuming manual processes such as using a camera to capture, review and present app data.

XRY Photon is like an automated version of manual app examination for Android devices, with the added benefit of storing the documented data in a searchable way, which enables text search, filtering and other types of analysis.

XRY Photon is included in our XRY Logical product and does not require a separate license.

XRY Photon offers two modes:
Automatic and Manual

Automatic mode

The automatic mode is tailored to the structure of the supported apps, so it requires very little user interaction.

Current automatic supported apps are:

  • WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Business
  • Signal
  • Telegram

XRY Photon fast mode (WhatsApp)

When using automatic mode, users can select to run in “fast mode” which is up to 25 times faster. In fast mode, XRY Photon only extracts text and doesn’t save screenshots.

As an example, we used XRY Photon in fast mode to acquire 250,000 WhatsApp messages in 2 hours and 39 minutes.

Manual mode

The manual mode requires more user interaction but supports extracting virtually any app that allows taking screenshots. It is ideal when the app you need to examine is not supported by any other forensic tool and it is essential to be able to capture the data forensically and be able to search through it for critical evidence.

XRY Photon Manual empowers an examiner to forensically recover almost any app on the Android platform.


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