Introducing a more powerful XAMN Spotlight

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Faster, easier and with greater precision.

XAMN Spotlight 2.0 – a tool equipped with the capability to handle up to 30 different devices like, phones, tablets and other connected things. This allows investigators, detectives and managers to analyze and create hypotheses quicker, with greater precision and providing a higher chance of success.

This tool answers fundamental questions like, who, what, why, when, where and how. Investigators will have an overview of the case but will also be able to zoom intro deeper detail.

This upgraded version is faster and more user-friendly; you have the option to print and export the result, and there is a powerful search capability.

With the enhanced XAMN Spotlight, you will now have the power to get your answers at an even higher speed, greater precision and flexibility.

Discover today how its powerful features could help you.

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