New online training courses now available from MSAB: XRY Recertification and XRY Refresher

Mobile forensics is a fast-changing field — devices and apps are constantly changing, and so are the tools used by mobile forensic examiners and investigators.

Two new and/or updated on-demand, online training courses are now available from MSAB to help mobile forensic professionals maintain their skills, keep up to date with the latest changes and software and maintain XRY product certification to validate their expertise if they need to testify in court or in other settings.

The courses are XRY Recertification, to enable examiners to easily renew their previously-earned XRY certification with an online option. And XRY Refresher, which covers exactly the same content, but without the skills and knowledge testing — for examiners who want that option. Both courses consist of eight hours of modular content and can be taken at any time and/or in multiple sessions after registration.

This XRY Recertification course is designed for experienced practitioners who have already successfully completed the XRY Certification course within the previous three years. It will keep professionals up-to-speed with the latest developments, functions, changes and updates incorporated into XRY. The course covers forensic theory, SIM cards & devices, SIM cloning and device profiles, how to extract android devices and iOS devices, location data review, and a refresher on using XAMN Spotlight to analyze XRY files.