Staying up-to-date with the latest XRY developments and capabilities

Prerequisite: XRY Certification
Course length: 1 days

This course is designed for experienced practitioners who have already successfully completed the XRY Certification course. The XRY Certification itself is valid for three years, with this course working as a re-validation to bring practitioners up-to-speed with the latest developments, functions, changes and updates incorporated into XRY. This helps to ensure all practitioner’s knowledge is current and relevant for the latest versions of the tool.

Options for taking this course:

Self-paced online training

Course schedule:

  • Course Overview & Forensic Theory Refresher
  • SIM Cards & Devices
  • SIM Cloning & Device Profiles
  • Android Device Extractions
  • iDevice Extractions
  • Location Data Review
  • XAMN Spotlight Refresher
  • Assessment

“Awesome class with an awesome instructor. Lessons were clear and easy to learn because of the instructor and many hands-on exercises.”

Training course student