All vehicles store vast amount of data. Vehicle infotainment and telematics systems store for example recent destinations, favorite locations, call logs, contact lists, pictures, videos, social media feeds, and the navigation history of everywhere the vehicle has been.

Many systems record where a vehicle’s lights are turned on, which doors are opened and even where the vehicle is when Bluetooth devices connect. Berla’s iVe product is a digital forensics tool that allows forensic examiners and investigators to analyze data from vehicle’s infotainment and telematics systems. Used together with MSAB’s tools, it will soon be possible for customers to analyze data from vehicles even more smoothly and quickly. Once you have extracted information from a vehicle you will be able to migrate it to tools for XAMN and analyze vehicle and mobile device data together. This will be useful whether to see the big picture or identify precise details in a huge dataset of evidence.

The Offering from Berla and MSAB can be a game-changer for investigators around the world by enabling them to access more data, in more places, more rapidly.

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iVe is designed, developed and manufactured by Berla.

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