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XRY is a powerful tool – we have been selling it to customers in the Law Enforcement, Military & Government Intelligence sectors since 2003. We also supply XRY to organizations in the private sector where there is a justifiable business need – for example to digital forensic specialist companies, data recovery businesses and corporate fraud investigators.

We are very proud of the customer base we have created and the levels of trust placed in us by our customers and we want to keep it that way.

For that reason we need to be sure whom we are dealing with, so if you send us a request for pricing from an anonymous web based email account; you’re unlikely to get much information. We need to know who you are and what you want to use XRY for before we can have that discussion.

How to buy our products

For our benefit and those of our existing customers we need to know who you are and your reason for wanting XRY before we can commence commercial discussions. Once we have established the basics then there are several easy ways to purchase:

1. Contact Us and Ask for a Quote
If you know exactly what you want then ask us for a quote – please specify who you are, your organization and full contact details including an official email and postal address so we can confirm your identity.

2. Request a Demonstration
If you need more information before you can decide, contact us and ask for a demonstration on site. One of our sales team can organize a visit and demonstration of XRY to answer all your questions.

3. Speak to an Authorized Partner
We have several officially authorized reseller partners across the globe, if you prefer to speak to someone local who knows your market and can offer close support; then please visit our Partner Page.