Unlock the most challenging Qualcomm chipsets with MSAB


Need to get into a locked Samsung that your forensic tool doesn’t support?

MSAB can help you access the most challenging locked Android mobile devices, with complete chain of custody.

We are rolling out advanced forensically sound techniques to overcome security and decrypt the data on locked Samsung devices plus many more brands to follow, with some Motorola and Xiaomi devices already supported. Our latest solution offers global Samsung coverage for devices from USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia, including Japan.

We now provide a unique rapid brute force solution on the latest Qualcomm and Exynos chipset devices, to get passcodes and obtain full file system extractions. Our unique BFU brute force solution even supports devices with dedicated Secure Processing Units (SPUs).

Initially supported Samsung models are the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 Qualcomm phones i.e.

  • •    Samsung SM-G781B DS Galaxy S20
    •    Samsung SM-G781w Galaxy S20
    •    Samsung SM-G981u1 Galaxy S20
    •    Samsung SM-G988u Galaxy S20
    •    Samsung SM-N981u Galaxy Note 20
    •    Samsung SM-N986J Galaxy Note 20
    •    Samsung SM-N986u Galaxy Note 20

Choose the right digital forensics service to meet your needs

MSAB offers two options for examiners and investigators to unlock the most challenging mobile phones and help you get the previously unattainable intelligence and digital evidence you need to solve the most critical cases.

Learn more about Access Services and Advanced Acquisition Lab.

Together we utilize the power of mobile forensics in order to focus and accelerate your operations to reach world class performance.

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