Released today: XRY v7.4 & XEC Express

XRY v7.4 is now available — enabling extraction of location data from drones, and bringing you a significant increase in data recovery with the new Android exploit.

Extraction of Apple iOS Push Notifications supported

Apple Push Notifications is used for apps to signal to the user that an event has occurred. The type of event depends entirely on the app, but it often includes missed calls, incoming text messages, email previews and may also include attachments, often pictures, if the app supports this.


Extract data from drones – An innovation and “industry first” from MSAB

Drones pose a real and growing threat to law enforcement, corrections, and counter-terrorism teams.

Police and militaries around the globe are working on methods to stop rogue drones, such as capturing them with nets, shooting them down with anti-drone ray guns or jamming radio frequencies. In the UK, police have seized more than 90 drones engaged in illegal activities in the last year, including incursions at 12 prisons involving the smuggling of drugs and other contraband to inmates.

Find out which drone models XRY supports here and try out drone data extraction for yourself.


Take your location data analysis even further

Starting with v7.3, location data from pictures and movies were made available in the Locations / History view. Coming now in v7.4, location data from many popular iOS and Android apps are now available in the Locations / History or Locations / Searches views of XRY. This amounts to a lot of interesting location data that facilitates data correlation and even further aids your investigation.


Simplified, locked-down workflow that is ISO 17025 compliant 

Leveraging on a locked-down configuration and automatic audit logging, XEC Express – the software that runs MSAB’s Kiosk, helps ensure that your digital forensics is ISO 17025 compliant.


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