New XRY 8.2.4 now released

XRY 8.2.4 is now released and available for download. The new version adds support for over 100 new device and app profiles and introduces improved capabilities to help you work more efficiently.

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With the new version, you can perform targeted extractions of Apple iOS devices jailbroken with the Checkra1n exploit or by other means – enabling you to get critical data in ten minutes or less, with data from the most popular apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger and others.

Another improvement: After performing a physical extraction of Exynos-based Samsung Galaxy S6 and Qualcomm-based Samsung Galaxy S7 devices, XRY now automatically restores the extracted device, saving operators time and effort to restore the device to its original state.

XRY 8.2.4 also includes added support for Alcatel devices, often used as “burner” phones in criminal activity. And there is updated XRY Cloud support and improvements to XRY Photon for the WhatsApp and Signal apps.

You can learn more about XRY 8.2.4 from the full release notes, available on the MSAB Customer Portal.

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