New XEC v2.0 now available: XEC Director, Export & Express and MSAB Kiosk v7.5

New XEC Director 2.0 lets you manage your mobile forensic systems more effectively and advance investigations faster.

It is a centralized management solution that lets you connect your agency’s mobile forensics extraction tools into a single network so you can:

  • Quickly push out watch lists to all locations
  • Move extracted XRY files from any connected MSAB Kiosks or Tablets in the field to any location in the network, such as your lab or to any analyst or investigator
  • Make your mobile forensic operations faster, more effective and more manageable
  • Manage all active users in your mobile forensic system, monitor activity, update the software, and benefit from powerful reporting so you can make better decisions
  • Create management information reports and ensure effective deployment of resources

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Take advantage of new and improved XEC Export 2.0 features, including: 

  • Tailored personalization for each export type in the updated GUI
  • New option to archive the output into one or more .zip files

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Kiosk and Tablet v7.5 can now be networked – enabling a range of benefits:

  • XRY extraction files from Kiosk or Tablet can now be transferred to a central server automatically or manually on a case by case basis, with management from XEC Director
  • Users can now export XRY extraction files to 10 different formats, including PDF, Excel, XML, Word, VICS and others — as part of a workflow sequence
  • Better security measures – Users can be automatically logged out after a period of inactivity or at the end of a defined workflow
  • A workflow function for automatic export has also been added to Kiosk v7.5

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