MSAB offers accessible digital evidence tech with consent-based authorization to collect data at crime scenes

MSAB offers accessible digital evidence tech with consent-based authorization to collect data at crime scenes

MSAB, a world leader in mobile forensics, announces the first major release for 2022. The updated mobile forensics solutions come with full support for Windows 11 and introduce a range of new and improved capabilities designed to help forensic specialists and digital investigators to accelerate their investigative efforts and solve cases faster.

“MSAB has been working persistently on developing solutions that allow access to critical information in the first hours of a criminal investigation to reduce time collecting digital evidence. With our latest releases, operational officers can not only recover critical data quickly and easily using our frontline digital forensics solutions such as the MSAB Kiosk and Tablet; they can also offer victims and witnesses a consent-based authorization form which can be signed digitally at the scene”, says Joel Bollö, CEO of MSAB.

The updated mobile forensics solution for digital data recovery, XRY, comes with significant extraction and decoding capabilities to more mobile devices, with the total number of supported device profiles exceeding 41.900.

“MSAB understands the challenges faced by law enforcement and government agencies such as the need for cost effectiveness, speed, consistent processes, data quality and forensic integrity. Our mission is to support these agencies with complete innovative forensic technology solutions that empower them, help solve crime faster and reduce backlogs while maximizing the bottom line.”, says Joel Bollö.

The MSAB digital forensic analysis solution, XAMN, has received several significant user experience improvements plus a whole host of other enhancements to help you find Intelligence and critical evidence faster and more effectively.

“The latest release of XAMN introduces the new powerful filter view, “Maps”. This allows digital investigators to analyze location artifacts more easily and effectively. You can combine the new Maps filter view with the improved Timeline in any view in XAMN. MSAB solutions are in a continual state of ongoing development, and we are proud to say that our digital forensics solutions can massively assist law enforcement agencies investigate crime, gather intelligence, investigate fraud, and fight corruption”, says Bradley Sipes, Chief Product Officer at MSAB.

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