MSAB launches new advanced software to secure evidence from mobile phones

MSAB launches new advanced software to secure evidence from mobile phones

MSAB, a world leader in mobile forensics, is launching a new extraction software, XRY Pro. The software is the company’s most advanced tool for extracting data from the most secure and challenging mobile phones. “We are very proud to be able to offer this product to law enforcement authorities, enabling them to perform unlimited unlocking and extractions of mobile phones,” says Mikael Falkovén, interim CEO of MSAB.

The challenge for organizations like police, defense, customs, border control and prisons is to get into phones and be able to extract data that secure forensic evidence. Most digital investigators and forensic examiners often encounter increasing levels of security and encryption in many of the latest cell phones. The devices cannot therefore be extracted using standard cables and methods. Instead, new techniques are required.

“With XRY Pro, you can access data in the most difficult phones. XRY Pro is an advanced solution for experienced users in digital forensic labs. To use the product, we recommend specialized training to understand its capabilities and unlock its full potential”, says Mikael Falkovén.

MSAB’s data extraction suite, XRY, currently supports over 43,400 devices and more than 4,300 app versions. XAMN, MSAB’s forensic analysis tool, provides digital investigators with a complete solution to discover, analyze and share critical digital evidence faster and with exceptional ease of use. Used jointly, XRY and XAMN represent a whole solution from start to finish, allowing users to perform unlimited unlocks, extract data fast and securely, and, subsequently, analyze and report vital findings. MSAB products are continuously developed to help law enforcement investigate crimes, gather intelligence, uncover fraud, and fight corruption.

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