From crime to court room: Streamline the reporting with XAMN Report Builder


Investigation reports are vital to success. Undocumented evidence can be lost and court cases often hinge on technical findings.

MSAB has streamlined and simplified the reporting process by adding “Report Builder”. This new XAMN functionality will help make the report process accurate, relevant and will improve overall efficiency.

The new function allows you to, with simple drag and drop technology, build standardized templates for use within your department to create professional, error free and customized court presentation reports.

You can also use the tailor-made templates which allow you to add relevant data or content in line with industry standards and international best practices.

Simply add your forensics work – including chain of custody, persons involved, evidence and instrumentation descriptions, analysis statements and conclusions – to the program, to get a complete well-formed digital forensics report that is efficiently generated by the Report Builder.

By simplifying and streamlining the process of digital forensic report building, you can capture all the insights from your extraction and minimize the possibility of losing data, by sharing information in a single and comprehensive report.

With the addition of “Report Builder”, XAMN now gives you a complete crime to court room solution allowing you to present your findings with confidence.

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